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Hello to all you Scottsdale Moms/Santa’s Helpers out there!

We’re assuming that some of you may be in the same boat as a few of us… umm.. less-organized mommies and still have plenty of shopping left to do!

If so, then look no further!

Enjoy this great post from last year’s holiday season and make your gift buying easier
14 toys that last all year, a gift guide for kids

We’ve all had it happen. That must-have, coveted toy that lights up your child’s face on Christmas morning is the same one you find, just a few weeks later, buried at the bottom of the toy box.

{Oh, but don’t worry – the kids are still playing with the box it came in. Right??}

Some toys have staying power, though. Some are a hit not only on Christmas morning, but throughout the year and for years to come.

To help you with your shopping this year, we asked our contributor team this question:

What Christmas gift did your child receive last year that s/he STILL plays with all these months later?

Here are their answers with handy links to the products (nothing sponsored here – just our mom-to-mom advice)…

Ages 0-24 months

Kelly recommends: LeapFrog My Pal Scout

My Pal Scout & Violet, LeapFrog, toys


My mom bought Sophie a “My Pal Scout” from LeapFrog last year and she literally does not put it down. I can hook it up to the Mac and download new songs and change up everything the dog says to her. All of the interaction with the toy is highly personalized (“I love you, Sophie!”) and she just loves it. She calls it “Dog” and gives it great big hugs. We’ve been buying LeapFrog educational toys since my teenage son was a baby–very affordable, good quality and always the most popular toys in the house!

Joy recommends Fisher-Price Little People Readers

Little People, Fisher-Price, Little Readers, Let's Go To The Farm

This is a favorite that has been taped together, read millions of times and explored by both my kids.

Abbi recommends the LeapFrog Fridge Farm 

LeapFrog Fridge Farm

The Leap Frog Fridge Farm has been a winner in our house. It’s constantly played with by every kid that comes in the door and daily by mine.

Ages 2-3

Sarah recommends Seasons Play Silks from

Play Silks, play scarves, make-believe, Magic Cabin, toys


These play scarves (play silks) get used by both my kids as superhero capes, wings, baby doll blankets, costumes, and MORE. They are super durable (haven’t snagged or ripped) and I wash them in the washing machine if needed. Every kid who comes to play finds a new imaginative use for them.

Joy recommends Circo Baby Doll Stroller

Circo Baby Doll Stroller

Reagan got this at age 2 1/2 and it has been a hit all year.

Jenn recommends the Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game 

Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game

Kirsten recommends the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe 

Cozy Coupe, Little Tykes, kids car, classic toys

My younger son (almost 2) loves to play with his Cozy Coupe while is big brother rides the EZ Roller (see below). Though it wasn’t a Christmas gift, I HAVE to include it here because it is such a favorite. A classic for a reason!

Melissa recommend the VTech Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple

VTech Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple

My 3-year-old got this last year and has literally played with it every single day!

Ages 4-5

Kirsten recommends the EZRoller 

EZ Roller

This is the most wonderful gift my 4-year-old son has ever received! He spends literally hours in our backyard riding around on this thing! It’s available locally at KidStop (one of our favorite toy stores) on Shea near Scottsdale Road. It is worth every penny!

Abbi recommends the Kodak EasyShare Camera

Kodak EasyShare Camera

We got this for my 4-year-old and it has been amazing. I assumed (being 4) it would be broken instantly and not last more than a month tops. But here we are, a year and many drops later, and it’s still going strong. She loves taking pictures, this is super easy to use, and unlike kiddie cameras, it actually takes good pictures and displays them in the large screen on back. I picked it up on a black Friday $49 special but I would happily pay full price now knowing the use the kids have gotten out of it!

Angela recommends the Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse

My girls (ages 3-6) love this dollhouse. We have had it for years and everyone still plays with it. Plus they have lots of different sets you can buy to change it up.

Ages 6 & up 

Melissa recommends Legos

Lego Pirate

It may seem basic, but my 7-year-old boy loves Legos. He got several sets last year (and he’ll get more this year), and he plays with them all the time. Good toy because he builds new creations all the time.

Noelle (for her 7-year-old) recommends Nijago Legos

Nijago, Lego

We are in the Lego phase. So all things Lego Ninjago!

Noelle (for her 10-year-old) recommends the iPod Touch

iPod Touch

What else can you add to this list? What toys did your kids get last Christmas that they’re still playing with today? 


  1. Great post! I would add Razor Scooters, Nintendo DSLites, anything Littlest Pet Shop, the board games, Sorry and CandyLand, playground jumpropes (stocking stuffer) and our Radio Flyer red wagon. All are favorites that have lasted a long time through multiple children. Some are even hand-me-downs!


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