Adopting a Family for Christmas: The Gift of Giving Back


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and the most expensive time of the year {minus our gross A/C bill during summer}. I love the holiday season so much, but the expense of it is sometimes overwhelming. This year my family and I are going a different route, instead of choosing a name out of a hat and getting that one person a gift, we are adopting a family for Christmas gifts.

There are many ways to do this. We are doing ours through my sibling’s church, but you can even do it through the Salvation Army. Every program is a little different, but for Salvation Army they ask a few key things. They ask that you give certain amounts of food for the family, and that each family member receives at least two gifts.

The craziest thing about this is that you as a family technically could be saving money by adopting a whole family, especially if you get smaller gifts. Now obviously that is not the point of doing this as opposed to buying each other gifts, but it just goes to show that you can make it happen.

Now I know every person is different, but doesn’t it just feel incredible when you see someone you know and love open up a gift that they love?! Well, just imagine how it would feel if you knew that the food and gifts you gave this season were not only such a fun and exciting blessing to that family, but possibly the only fun and exciting blessing they have all year?

I encourage you: change it up this season in your family. Instead of going out and getting your dad just one more sweater, or your sister another bottle of perfume, help a family in need. It might even surprise you when you see its just as much a blessing to you as it is to that family.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Upon further investigation, I discovered there is a great need for adopt-a-family volunteers right here in Scottsdale. See the city’s website at:
    Since the decline in the economy, they have been short of volunteers and unable to assist all the families who have come in for help. Of course, there are many organizations and programs in the valley, but I thought I’d share this one since it’s right here in Scottsdale (and you are Scottsdale Mom’s blog after all!)


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