Three Ways to Make Your Home Musical


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Whether you’re a seasoned musician or someone who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket it is important to make your home a place where music is embraced and created. 

For years we have heard about the connection between music and child development.  Perhaps you were one who played Mozart for your baby while he/she was still in utero, or maybe you’re committed to  expose your child to quality music that suits your indie taste.  Regardless, the truth is undeniable- making music a priority in your family will have positive effects on your child’s  development.   In recent years powerful research has  clarified the music/development connection. (If you’d like to understand more about the reasons behind why music is so beneficial, sign up for our three part newsletter and we’re happy to educate you!)

The following are three simple ways to create an environment where music is celebrated, so your children grow up with a passion for music. 

1.  Expose them to great music.  It sounds obvious, but the benefits are profound.  Take off the headphones and turn up the volume!    Whether it’s classical Beethoven or Fleetwood Mac, make music a part of your daily life.  Turn off the television and blast something great while you prepare dinner.  When you appreciate music your child is more likely to value it, and in turn desire to create it.

2.  Model music.   You heard us, dust off that old trombone that’s up in the attic, or bust out your guitar and have an old fashioned sing-along.   You don’t have to be afraid of hitting a bad note.  In your child’s eyes you will be a rockstar.  When your children see you unafraid to fail, or willing to pick up a new instrument (we have one we’ll recommend!) you feed their curiosity and inspire a passion to create music.

3.  Provide the tools.  Once their appreciation for music has begun and their curiosity to create music has been fed, the next step is to offer them the tools to make music.  Research has shown that even  learning a simple instrument assists in the emotional, intellectual development of children.  This truth is what sparked our love for the percussion instrument we are so passionate about, the cajon box drum.  It’s simple design makes it something that is beautiful, affordable, and fits into your home without taking up a whole room.   That same simplicity allows your children (and you)to begin playing right away.  A three year-old with little instruction can find the beat and play along with the radio!  Whichever instrument you choose, it is essential to give your children the tools to make music.

These simple tips can’t guarantee that your child will land themselves a Grammy someday, but they will help instill a love and passion for music that will benefit and enrich your children and family’s lives for a lifetime.  Follow us on Facebook to get more offers and deals on our great instruments!


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