7 Rad Date Night Spots You’re Missing Out On


If you’re anything like me and my husband, you mean well when it comes to date nights. You KNOW they’re super important, but making it happen can be a challenge. For us, snagging a free night to have all to ourselves is a challenge within itself! But we do what we can and get out as often as we can to spend some quality time together.

Because of the nature of our jobs, my husband Jason and I get to go out with other couples quite a bit. We meet with our wedding clients all over the valley, either meeting with them for the first time or after a photo shoot for dinner and drinks. A lot of the time, we have clients that are excited to take us to new places that we’ve never been to before! So we get to try fun little spots all over the place and some of them really do become our new most favorite spots! So today I’m sharing with you some of our favorite places to grab dinner and drinks!

Next time you and your hubby are wanting to go out for an evening, why not try a new spot? Why not get all dressed up and go somewhere out of your usual norm? Maybe you’ve tried some of these, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ll see this list and remember a restaurant that you’d long forgotten. Whatever the case may be, the important thing is to be spending time together with no kiddos. Jason and I really find connection through experiencing new things together, even if it’s just a new restaurant. And truth is, my list of favorite restaurants is REALLY LONG. We like a lot of different spots and are constantly adding to the list because we are always trying new things. But here are my favorite suggestions if you’re looking for a new spot to try around the valley. All of these spots are places that you don’t HAVE to get all dolled up for, but if you did it would be perfectly appropriate.

1. Hanny’s

This HAS to be, hands down, my top favorite spot right now. I love the atmosphere. I love the food. It’s located in Downtown Phoenix and resides inside what used to be an old department store for men’s fashions. You can read the story of Hanny’s and how it developed HERE, but aside from the awesome history and ambiance, the food is amazing. Serving pizza, salads, and sandwiches, you can’t go wrong at this swanky little joint. Just don’t go down into their basement. Seriously don’t. Are you intrigued? Go check it out. Located on 1st Street and Adams.

2. Stax Burger Bistro 

I recently dined at Stax Burger Bistro for a baby shower, that was actually a night on the town. Super fun idea and this little spot for dinner didn’t disappoint! It’s located in the heart of Downtown Scottsdale and right next to The Soleri Bridge. They use only the finest ingredients and hand make just about everything. When I went, I got a 3 oz burger (basically a slider) and split a salad. It was the perfect amount of food and it was delicious!

3. The Parlor

This unique restaurant has won all kinds of awards for best pizza and best of the valley. Highly recognized as a fabulous spot to dine, I would have to agree! And whats even better? It used to be a hair parlor! Pretty cool. They serve pasta, salads, sandwiches and PIZZA. My favorite pizza there is the Salsiccia, although the last time I went I had the Pesto pizza and it was pretty dang amazing. The Parlor is located at 20th St. and Camelback.

4. Frank and Lupes

Jason and I LOVE eating Mexican food. I could seriously eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. OMG YUM. We stumbled upon Frank and Lupes in Downtown Scottsdale right when we moved back up this way a couple of years ago and have been frequenting there ever since. They have been around for quite awhile and serve some the yummiest Mexican food we’ve had. And their chips and salsa alone are enough to keep us coming back. Now that the weather is getting nicer, you should consider going and dining on their patio! It sorta feels like you leave Phoenix for a meal and the atmosphere is fun! Located on Marshall Way in Old Town Scottsdale.

5. The Vig

Looking for an upscale, modern, neighborhood tavern? The Vig is the spot! The vibe at this place is amazing. They feature live music and dj’s on all different nights of the week, and have a fantastic patio. Featuring gourmet burgers, appetizers, sandwiches and salads, their food will definitely leave you wanting more. When you go, you MUST order the Hot Totties. They are hand rolled tater tots filled with cheddar cheese and served with a jalapeno aioli for dipping. Not too fantastic for the waist line, but perfect for a treat! They have two locations, so check their website to see which one is closet to you. Just go.

6. Pizzeria Bianco

Now I KNOW you’ve all heard of Pizzeria Bianco, but it was still worth mentioning. Yes, the wait is LONG. We waited FOUR HOURS once. But we ordered drinks and appetizers and just had a fantastic evening talking and hanging out together. I love it that if the owner isn’t there, it’s not open. And the last time we were there, he was tossing pizzas into the air along with the rest of the staff. These wood fired pizzas are delectable and totally worth the wait. Located in Heritage Square in Downtown Phoenix.

7. Postinos

PLEASE tell me you’ve been to Postinos? If not, you must go. This is a wine cafe, but their food is also quite incredible. They serve some of the best bruschetta I’ve ever had. Actually, it’s what I go there for! But they have an array of other foods, not to mention wines, that make for a very memorable night on the town. There’s three locations in the valley, so check their website to see what’s closest to you!

So there you are! Now it’s time to head to The Dry Bar, get your hair done, grab your hubby and head out for a KID FREE NIGHT to hang out together. And hit me up after you try all these spots because I have SEVERAL more that I could pass along to you for sure.

Do YOU have a cool spot that you’d like ME to know about? I’d love to try it out! So comment here and give me the DEETS! 


  1. ooo! I love that I haven’t heard of some of these. My new go to is Citizen Public House. I also really loved the burgers at Sevens Bistro. Foodies unite!

    • OH I am interested in those! I haven’t heard of Citizen Public House or Sevens Bistro! I’m sooo in and checking it out for sure! Thanks Cate!!


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