Your Baby’s Photos & Social Media: How Much is Too Much?


It’s no secret that I love chubby babies. Ever since I was a little girl I have always said how I hope that my future babies are chunky. Rolls on rolls, dimpled booties, chubby cheeks – all my favorite! I think there is nothing cuter than my little mans arm rolls, I mean..don’t you agree?

Melissa Young Photography

Now here is where it gets tricky for me. Since I love it so much, I want to share my photos of him with everyone. On my blog, on Instagram, Facebook, you name it – I share it. I share photos of his chubby body, of course always hiding his privates.

But here’s my dilema: is hiding his privates enough protection for him? Am I showing too much by showing his dimpled little butt, or by showing his whole body but covering his privates with my hand?

I know I am a believer that there is good in this world, good people, clean minds, but I also am not naive. I realize that there are some freaky people out there with beyond sick minds. Am I doing harm to my child by putting him ‘out there’ with the rare chance that a freaky person might find it? That thought makes me so sick to my stomach already!

So what do you do? Do you keep all your nakey photos of your babies to yourself? Do you put them out there but only where true friends and family can see? Or do you feel ok with anyone seeing them as long as they aren’t showing the private parts? I can’t believe I never even gave this much thought until a few days ago when I posted a cute photo of Brays bootie on Instagram, and a girlfriend said that her hubby doesn’t allow her to post nakey photos of her baby. I am so used to being able to use social media exactly as I please without thinking twice, but now that I have this sweet baby – it really makes me hesitate.

How do you document your child growing up in social media, and feel ok about it?


  1. We do not post any photos of our children on social media. There are too many apps these days that allow strangers to locate your children with just a picture. And our kids did not ask to have their naked hineys plastered around for everyone to see. Once those photos are posted, they are out there for good. Not to be a Debbie downer about posting pics on facebook but lets be honest. There are not too many people who care about seeing our child’s naked butt. I think parents only post all these photos so other people comment to them telling them how cute their kids are.

  2. I’ve been thinking lately about what safety and etiquette rules we’ll have for our kiddos when they have their own phones and easy access to the internet. I’ve been challenging myself to follow those same rules now, long before my 5 year old will ever have a phone! Maybe what kinds of pictures we allow them share should go on that list… I’d never let him post *anything* even remotely questionable, so why would I?

    • Annie- that is such a great way to look at it! Of course I would never allow him to post a photo of his butt when hes older {haha- not like I could ever see a teenage boy wanting to!} so I should stop now. Love that approach on it:)

  3. I have a family blog and I make sure to never use the phrase naked or anything similar so that my blog posts won’t pop up when people keyword search things like “naked baby” or “bath baby.” On some blogs (I use wordpress) it also shows the top searches that are navigating new users to your blog. I regularly check these and make sure they are kosher and if not, edit my posts that are results of these searches.

  4. Just like commenter Jessie above — I routinely check search terms and ran across people searching “baby bums” and reaching an old(OLD) post…you can bet that post went bye-bye. sad, but true that we must be more diligent with our kiddos pics (and names!)

  5. Wow. This makes me so sad to think that we have to even think about this. I’d never go out and search for naked baby pics but when friends share, I do find it the most adorable thing ever. So sad, the world we live in ๐Ÿ™


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