10 Reasons to Register TODAY for Mom’s Night Out Arizona {10.23 at The Venue}



10 Reasons You Should Register TODAY
for Mom’s Night Out Arizona
on October 23 at The Venue

1. Early bird registration pricing ends tonight at midnight! Save yourself a couple of bucks and register today!

2. You haven’t gotten a chance to bust out your fall boots yet – because it’s STILL 90 DEGREES

3. You count a text message exchange comparing notes on baby vomit or potty training disasters as “a conversation with a girlfriend.”

4. The last serving of bite-sized appetizers you had was a half-eaten package of fruit snacks you found in the bottom of your purse.

5. When you think of going out in Old Town Scottsdale you immediately picture another decade of your life.

6. You’d really enjoy the chance to use the ladies’ room without someone accompanying with you and narrating your activities, play-by-play style.

7. You feel like you’ve won the lottery when you can get multiple kids to nap at the same time (we promise: the raffle prizes at Mom’s Night Out will be even better than overlapping naps).

8. This four-year-old says you should go, and “wear fancy things and necklaces.

9. You love local businesses and getting free swag (look for giveaways and goodies from businesses like Anna Hollister Photography, The Appetizer Store, Crane, Abloom Med Spa, and more!

10. We’d love to see you there!


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