Of Life, Love & Lululemon


I spend most of my days navigating the waters of “tweendom”. Life with a ten-year-old is anything but dull. Yesterday I got three, THREE emails from the princess asking begging for an Instagram account. Upon my third NO, we decided to shelve the topic for at least a few months, when we will remove from said shelf, dust the concept off, and place it right back up there.

Mommy isn’t quite ready for her little girl to grow up.  

I often fear that I’ve worked so hard to keep her a “little girl” that I’ve overlooked areas where she has become a “little lady”.

The other night, for no particular reason, we found ourselves lying on her bed chatting. We were  going on and on about nothing and everything all at once.  Normally, a few minutes of chatting, and I’d be interrupted by one of her brothers or remind myself there were chores waiting for me. But on this night,  I received a gift of time and a glimpse into the person my baby is becoming.  And I saw a new sparkle in her eye. It was like she knew I saw her, not for the little girl that she was, but the bright young lady that she is. I tangibly felt our relationship deepen that night and resolved to make more of those moments and savor each stage of her precious life.

After my small lightbulb moment it seemed perfectly fitting to offer her a unique rite of passage.

One that only a mommy blogger can truly appreciate:

Her debut blog post.  

Recently, Angelina was given the opportunity to review a new clothing line from one of my personal obsessions: Lululemon. I can’t really visit the Scottsdale Quarter without a stopping in and drooling. I dream of all the working out I will do in these pretty clothes and then walk on over to Grimaldi’s for a slice of pizza. It’s a perfectly logical ritual if you ask me.

Lululemon now offers a “Little Sister” brand called Ivivva for the active young lady. You should have seen her face when the FedEx arrived for her and she received a complete outfit: Yoga pant, Tank, and Hoodie. She was beside herself with excitement. They were so cute, I may or may not have tried to squeeze my 34 year old thighs into her pants…

But enough about me, I’ll let Angelina tell you what she thought.

Ivivva Athletica is a cozy,cute and a fun way to express yourself! My friends and I love it. I had fun having a little fashion show for my mom and dad!

They have adorable bags, sweats, jackets, and shirts and I fell in love with them all! I also love the colors Ivivva has.

I think Ivivva clothing is awesome for dancing. They are so snuggly and warm! I am even taking one of the jackets with me on my trip to California!

In all their clothing they put a tag that asks you to put your name on it, I thought was a cute idea. Also there is pockets on the inside of the jacket! How cool is that???!!!

My favorite thing, I would have to say, about Ivivva is the jacket! It is vibrant and has finger cut out non the sleeves! When I’m older and I can go shopping more often I will definitley go to Ivivva Athletica.

She’s ten.

She’s not a little girl.

She’s not quite a lady.

But she’s entirely mine.

And I’m not going to let myself miss a moment of this crazy season.


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