PVMOM Fall Sale | Anything and Everything for Kids at Great Prices!!


Mark your calendars for the PVMOM Fall/Winter Sale coming up this Saturday on October 6, 2012. There will be about 20,000 items for sale to the public, including gently-used infant, children, and maternity clothing, Halloween costumes, strollers, highchairs, bouncers, feeding and nursing supplies, toys, bicycles, books, DVDs, cribs and other baby and child-related furniture, nursery and children’s room décor, and much, much more. All at a savings of 50-90% off retail. Imagine Babies R Us in a smaller space and at a much reduced cost!

The early shopping time is 9am – 11am with a $3 entry fee. No children are allowed. The later shopping time is between 11:30am – 1pm with no entry fee. Tons of items will be marked 50% off at 11:30am. Also children are allowed at the later time. If you are a serious bargain shopper, come early and expect a line because there are usually people waiting for the top items. If you don’t get arrive early, there are still plenty of deals to go around!  Also, don’t forget to bring a box or a laundry basket to carry all your purchases (and room in your vehicle for any larger items). Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and cash are accepted methods of payment.

We will also be having a variety of different vendors in the courtyard outside the sale. And I will be working the door, so feel free to stop by and say hi!

The sale is located at Scottsdale Bible Church, Town Centre Building, on the south side of Shea Blvd., in between Scottsdale Road and Hayden Road. Parking is in the back of the Church campus.

For a $1 off entry at the door to the early shopping period, bring in a copy of this post and one can of food to help replenish the Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank.

It is a fun day to meet some other moms and get some great deals on all things for kids!


If you have ever considered selling at a PVMOM event, it is open to non-members for selling. We have a sale every Fall and Spring. Here are my top 5 reasons that I love selling at the sale!

1)      I am forced to go through all of the kids’ toys, clothes and books every six months. This really helps cut down on the clutter around the house. (This is a picture of all the stuff I am selling this year, over 200 items!)

2)      The kids know that it is best to help me by sorting through their toys or I will do it while they are at school. This helps them decide what is really important and what they are ready to get rid of.

3)      After all of my hard work of getting ready for the sale, I get a check for 90% of my items sold. Yay!

4)      I donate anything that does not sell; this is a win-win for the community and other less fortunate moms out there.

5)      As a seller, I get to shop the sale early before it opens to the public.

Email [email protected] for more info about this sale or signing up to be a seller at the next sale.


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