Louis Vuitton vs. Lowlights


So before my days as a non-showering, overtired and underpaid stay-at-home-mom, I was half (the better half, of course) of a couple that society has affectionately labeled as a “D.I.N.K”. That would be Dual Income, No Kids.

The happy hours were a flowing. My outfits matched and were most of the time ironed.

I didn’t think twice about buying everything that glittered in Sephora. 

The date nights were unlimited and our wallets were a little fuller than they are now.

During this phase (and still) I have developed what some may call a dangerous obsession with purses. Nothing could make me happier than the sight of a Zappos box at my front door holding a little piece of hobo heaven.

Now with most of the phases I go through, I had to eventually have a self-administered intervention. But not before I made two purchases that could now cover a car payment, babysitting for a month, and at least three trips to Costco.

I don’t take them out often, if at all. I have them covered up in my closet, safe from the mayhem that an 18 month old boy would bestow upon them. I smile at them everyday. I talk to them. I have named them – Audrey and Jackie O. I pet them with the same love and admiration I did my newborn babies.

But there they sit. I don’t use them for what they are designed for because sadly I don’t have many places to show them off. My typical day involves drool, ketchup, milk and God-knows what else (that is probably causing the hideous smell in my Volvo right now) and I don’t feel it would be right to subject them to that.

So I came to a crossroads. Do I continue this one-sided relationship with their fabulousness being wasted away in my closet? No, I am not that kind of person. They deserve better. They need to be out in the world being admired by onlookers everywhere.

It was time.

I am a big fan of My Sisters Closet. I thought about taking them there but I got a wild hair and decided to do some research and see if there were other options.

This is when I came across Biltmore Loans and Jewelry. Now I was extremely skeptical and unschooled about any and all loan processes. I usually try to stick to the book on most transactions but after I had started googling, they came up and when I clicked on their site, the home page had a picture of one of the exact purses I had with a message saying “Biltmore Loans and Jewelry can purchase or provide loans on Designer Handbags and Luggage.”

Hmm. Being a big believer in signs, I decided to go check them out.

On the trip up to North Scottsdale I explained my situation to my Audrey and Jackie and they took it quite well. I had no idea what to expect and I was a little apprehensive. Their lobby is very upscale and the lady at the front, Erin, was super friendly and made me feel very at ease after I explained to her that I feel like I am about to abandon my two loves for some extra coin. I was then greeted by Marc, who explained their loan process. He was very welcoming and treated me like an old friend.

We went to the back of the office to a conference room where Erin inspected Audrey and Jackie and within 15 minutes she came back to me with what they could offer. Being as math was never my strong suit, I had to have this explained to me a couple (ok maybe 4 times).

There is a 90-day window when you hand over your goods. At the end of 90 days you can either take the cash and run (she put it much more eloquently than that) or you can pay the monthly interest (4-6%) and get your items back.

There were many things floating around in my head as the possibility of my newfound wealth filled me with joy.

A Keurig – the red one!

A new dishwasher.

Staycation at Montelucia.

A cut, some highlights…. And lowlights!!

Christmas presents….

An iPhone (yes I am still a droid girl)

So I went for it. I said a tearful goodbye to the girls and walked out of there a new woman. It took every ounce of my being not to drive straight down Scottsdale road to Fashion Square and see what Nordy’s, Louis Vuitton, and Coach had going on. But I exercised some new found self control.

Now that’s not to say that I might hit up Charming Charlie’s and see if they have anything I can’t live without, but it will be something I can clean with baby wipes and can fit two sippy cups, a tonka truck and Momma’s new big fat wallet in.


  1. This is hilarious! So my life! I got a beautiful Louis from my hubby for our Anniversary, pre baby. Now there it sits in the closet in its pretty box, and not used. My husband says why don’t you use it? How could I? I don’t want to ruin it with apple juice and can’t fit all the baby stuff in it. And where to fit a sippy cup! So sad! Love your story!

    • Thanks Dana! I am so glad I am not the only one who goes through this awful dilemma! It must be somewhat of an epidemic amoung fashion conscious moms, don’t you think??

  2. Louis and Gucci do come back. With the kids off to school now (1st grade and pre-k) I can bring out the bags. Yes, my son did recently vomit on my Tory Burch during a car trip, but luckily it was an old one.

    • I hear ya, Debbie! I am counting down the days when I can replace diapers with lipstick and random fun stuff that I used to carry around 24/7 but until then, I am going the safe route. Thanks for your comment and have a great day!!


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