Oops…I forgot. I have Mommy Brain.


Oops…I forgot. That seems to me my mantra lately. I call it mommy brain because I’ve had it for about 7 years now. I USED to think it was pregnancy brain – then I thought it was nursing brain….and now I know. It’s mommy brain.

I LOVE organization, I LOVE managing details. But for some reason, as my husband puts it, I’ve been “breaking the dishes” when it comes to managing the family schedule.

Do you know what I mean? Those days where you book overlapping playdates…totally space a doctor’s appointment…forget a blog post (ok this one is probably just me) and each day is greeted with ok, what’s is it I have today? instead of an organized view of the week?

I feel like that describes my life right now. I have everyday stuff, I never forget that, I even have a whiteboard calendar on my wall above my desk detailing specific events on specific days. I have a google calendar on my phone {fancy!}. But still, things escape my brain and I’m honestly baffled. Those hard-earned skills managing every minute detail of a massively complicated project aren’t translating to the jumbled chaotic schedule of four kids and two adults. Because I have it – I have mommy brain. What I’m really wondering is will it ever go away?

Have you ever experienced mommy brain? What are some tools you use to better manage your family and schedule?


  1. I’ve always imagined the cure for Mommy Brain was sleep. lots and lots of good quality, long-stretches of uninterrupted glorious sleep! So if that’s the case, being cured is undoubtedly hopeless 😉


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