Why I Take Showers At Night

My daughter peeking in my shower

Last night I was in the shower and started to think to myself, Why do I shower at night when I used to shower every morning? Then I swiftly realized this was one of the many changes I made when I became a mom.

If you are a mom then I am sure you know the drill: you’re up at 6:00am courtesy of your beautiful child(ren), you proceed to roll over, get out of bed and start your day. You know very well there is no time to shower in the morning now that you have to play dress-up, have a dance party, do an art project and cook up some morning breakfast all before 8:00am. And unless you like to take a shower with multiple eyes on you asking about your every move (and body part), you too might shower at night before bed.

There are many things that changed when I became a mom. Like I am really tan from the shoulders up now rather than a nice golden glow all-over, becuase I am typically catching my daughter while she plays “jump off the side of the pool” tw0-hundred times per hour, every weekend. Not to mention, I am now a proud owner of a “Mommy Swim Suit” which is a far cry from the cute little bikinis still in my drawer waiting to be worn again in this lifetime. Let’s also talk about going out with friends. My husband and I used to go out “late night” with friends, but now our new “late night” starts with dinner at 6:00pm and bed by 10:00pm.

Sleeping in for me now is the very late hour of 8:00am, and that is after I already been woken up several times by the Sound of Music songs blaring from the living room, and princess heels clanking down the halls. Maybe we come home so early now because we have mastered eating a large meal in 4 minutes where it used to take us 45 minutes? I also realize my old pastime on the couch watching reality tv, Dateline and 48 Hours, has now been replaced with princess movies, monster movies and musicals which of course I now have memorized most all character’s lines.

And that ocasional glass of red wine? That drink is now called “Mommy Juice.” 🙂

So back to my thoughts in the shower last night. Have I changed because I am shorter on time now that I am a mom or am I just more efficient in my time to be with the ones I love the most? Whatever the answer is, I would do it all again and love the change I have become.

I want to know–what things you do differently now that you are a mom? How has being a mom changed you?




  1. I shower at night now too! Much more relaxing! But the hardest thing for me is since I got pregnant I lost all of my friends. I have one friend now who
    I talk to but don’t really get to see! It’s lonely and been a struggle!

    • Breanne, things for sure change “life after baby”! I’m sorry that you are feeling the struggle, but trust me..it gets better! Have you been to one of SMB’s Mom’s Night Out? We have another one coming up in October! It’s a great way for all us “Mommies” to get together and share our joys and struggles. Please come to our next one. Would love to meet you.


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