New! Frozen Yogurt at Cold Stone Creamery


Hey, Scottsdale Moms!

Arizona can get HOT, but at Cold Stone Creamery there is a solution! We are proud to announce the recent launch of our frozen yogurt line! At Cold Stone, we believe that indulgences can be both delicious and healthy. Create your own yogurt fantasy with many different flavors! Cold Stone Frozen Yogurt comes in non-fat and low-fat flavors that include essential probiotics and are low-calorie—starting at only 34 calories an ounce! Go ahead and indulge by treating yourself to something that tastes great and looks great on you! We’ll fool your taste buds, and you’ll fool that scale. See you at your neighborhood Cold Stone Creamery, home of the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience! Check out our website for more information.


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This post is sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery. Photos courtesy of Cold Stone. 


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