SMB Reader Survey & Giveaway


Every so often we like to check in with you, the readers who make Scottsdale Moms Blog the community is is. We want to know what we can do to make SMB even more useful and fun for you as a Valley mom.

It’s that time again. We have a short-and-sweet survey that we’d love you to fill out so we can bring you sweeter giveaways, better content, and more deals for local businesses.

Surveys are less fun than a date night at Postino’s – we know. But maybe more fun than a sick kiddo and 115-degree heat? Somewhere in the middle. To sweeten the pot a little, we’re giving away tickets to the next Mom’s Night Out Arizona! TWO readers who complete the survey will win two tickets each to Mom’s Night Out on October 23 at The Venue in Old Town Scottsdale.

(Also? We really, really appreciate and value your feedback.)


In it to WIN IT:

1. Fill out our 2012 Scottsdale Moms Blog Reader Survey. Be sure to leave your email address at the end of the survey so we can verify your survey if you win!

2. Come back here to the blog and leave a comment letting us know you filled out the survey. Winners will be drawn from the comments on the blog, so a comment is necessary in order to enter. To make for some fun comment-reading, tell us the last really funny thing one of your kiddos did or said (or don’t, if you don’t feel like it; any old comment will get you entered in the giveaway)

That’s it! Giveaway runs through Friday, August 31Β {extended!} September 7. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Good luck, and thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!


  1. True story from the other night…
    I had just put my almost 2 year old little princess to bed the other night and my little boy 3 1/2 asked me if Helen (no longer nursing) drank out of ‘those’ tonight. I told him “No, she doesn’t do that anymore.”
    And he said, pointing, “So, when she did, did she drink milk out of that one, and apple juice out of that one?”
    πŸ™‚ #outofthemouthsofbabes

  2. Completed! The other night my sweet daughter left me a “present” while in the tub. I could go a lifetime without another gift like that

  3. Just filled out survey but it would t let me change my choices for the shopping question. 1- farmers market, 2- big box, 3- online thanks.:)

  4. Did the survey. The funniest thing my 2 year old has said to me recently is “I don’t like your attitude” in a very motherly tone.

  5. Me: “what would you like for breakfast”
    2 yr old: “ice cream”
    Me: “we can’t have ice cream for breakfast silly”
    2 yr old: “moooooom, ‘can’t’ isn’t a good word. We say ‘let’s try harder’.”
    Me: “nice try, still no ice cream”

  6. My three year old daughter told me “Heaven is easy to get to…you just go up spot street, Down small street, and that’s how you get to Heaven.” Shes so sweet!

  7. Completed the survey! My 2-year old recently picked up her first official phrase from me: “oh my goodness” except it’s more “oh my gee”. So cute.

  8. Completed survey! My 5 year old son told me the other day to “put it on Facebook and tag me” about a video my sister had taken of him singing LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I know it!” He doesn’t have a Facebook, btw.

  9. I caught my 20 month old daughter rummaging through MY bathroom drawers, and she pointed her finger at me and said, “Out!” to ME! It was so funny, I actually did go out for a minute cuz I was laughing so hard!

  10. Completed Survey! I was never going to be a “Counter” with my now three year old then one day she was doing something she should not have and I started the dreaded counting! It worked so I do it still from time to time! Well the other day

  11. About one week ago at the zoo:
    Me: “Look darling that cow is pregnant, she has a baby in her big belly.”
    23 month old (affectionately patting my midsection): “Mummy same. Baby in big belly.”
    Which would have been legitimate and adorable if I hadn’t given birth three months ago.

  12. Survey completed! My little one isn’t talking yet….but I am looking forward to all the funny things he will have to say in the future!!

  13. I filled out the survey! My lil one isn’t talking much yet, but he just started dancing to music…I think it’s so funny watching him “rockout!” So fun and so cute. πŸ™‚

  14. Just completed the survey!!! So, my oldest is 3 years old and she is all over learning new vocabulary words. The other day when she decided that she was hungry for a snack, instead of her usual “I would like a yogurt for snack” comment, she changed it to, “Mama, I suggest that you get me a yogurt out of the very cold box in the kitchen for snack please.” Too funny!!!

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