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Today’s the day to get organized! Erika and Kerry from Dependable Divas, featured in last Friday’s post, are giving away 6 hours of their time (3 from each of them!) to help you clean up the messiest spot in your home.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably had the thought while walking out of Target “now if there was only some elves that would come and use all of these lovely storage receptacles I’ve purchased and organize my house”. Enter: Dependable Divas. Kerry and Erika, the mother and daughter team, do it all from small organization projects to large scale stuff. Moving help including packing, unpacking and sorting. Office and file organization, pictures and scrap books, garages…you name it. If it needs to be cleaned out and cleaned up, they are the ladies to call – which is why in addition to some helpful tips, the Divas are doing a giveaway for six hours of their services! Read on to get all the details.

I love this before and after – look at how much bigger the room looks!!










 In it to WIN IT:

*One entry per person per method of entry. Be sure to enter a separate comment for each method of entry (one comment for Facebook, one comment for Twitter, etc.). This way you have a higher chance of winning.

1. COMMENT: Tell us about the place in your house that needs the Diva’s help the most – garage? Kid’s room? Laundry room? Just give us the dirt!

2. TWITTER: Tweet about the giveaway – just copy and paste this message into your tweet – Hey! @ScottsdaleMoms is giving away 6 hours of organizational help from Dependable Divas!  – then leave a comment below saying you did so.

3. FACEBOOK: Like Dependable Divas on Facebook – then leave a comment below saying you did so.

Giveaway ends Friday June 22nd. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email over the weekend. The value of the prize is $270.  Good luck!


  1. Can I have more than one place in my house that really needs help??? We moved into this house last August. At the time you could barely walk into our 2-car garage. After some heavy lifting a few days ago with my 4-month old in the Ergo, I finally can barely park my car in it, but there’s still lots of stuff that needs sorting through, organizing, de-cluttering etc…

  2. Tweet sent! Because my ‘office’ is so far from functional and no one should have this many boxes of papers that need organizing/sorting/filing etc…

  3. Oh my, this would be AMAZING!! We have a spare room in the house… That we call our “hoarders room” would live the help organizing it!!

  4. My husband is a packrat. He will not throw anything away and as a result, our garage is filled with boxes of his junk and it’s now spilling over into the office. Please help me declutter. I figure if I have help from Dependable Divas, he’ll be outnumbered and he won’t have a choice in the matter!

  5. I would love organization help in my family room/kitchen area. This is our first time owning a home with a 1.5 year old & 2.5 year old running around and I feel like we can’t get out of the college dorm phase! I am sort of a pack rat too, and my hubby is the opposite. I would LOVE to win this prize. I need it badly! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness this would be a godsend! Just found out we are expecting my third child and I’m already feeling the nesting sensation. There are plenty of places in my house that need help (my bedroom/bedroom closet for one example), but the place that I could really use the help is in our living room. I inherited my house from my grandmother and am still left with items of hers, which causes me to have no place to store anything, which leads to piles of clutter. I could really use the help and am crossing my fingers and my toes. 😉

  7. I thought I was a pretty organized person, then realized that I have Christmas stuff stored with baby bottles and the list goes on…so any help to get these things organized to I can find everything when I need it, would be magical!

  8. Oh my goodness, awesome giveaway SMB! For our home, it would definitely have to be the kid’s play area. For whatever reason, I cannot come up with a good system that doesn’t involve lots of disorganized baskets filled with toys. Would love to see these organizers in action. 🙂

  9. I am blown away by the size of this giveaway! Our garage would by far be the most exciting thing to have organized! 🙂

  10. Such a great giveaway! I just has a baby so now my three year old and eight week old are sharing a room. That room needs major help!!!

  11. My closets need these Divas. We live in a 2 bedroom condo, with a 2.5 year old and one due in Sep! So everything I don’t want people to see, automatically get shore in the closet.

  12. It is REALLY hard to choose just one room, but man, I need help with my kids’ room! Three kids share one room and one dresser. I dread laundry because I can’t figure out where to put the clothes once they’re clean!

  13. Do I have to choose just one room?? I think I can only narrow it down to say closets – the master and the kids closests are in rough shape 🙂

  14. Liked on Facebook!
    I could use a hand with every area of my home and my life;-) if I win, I’d love help with the baby nursery first.

  15. My family moved from Minneapolis to Scottsdale in November. Less than 3 weeks after moving in, I fell off the second-from-top step of his school bus, breaking one ankle and one foot. I was wheelchair-bound for over 2 months and needed a walker until April. Many of the boxes could have been thrown away while still in Minnesota, but my husband had to pack up our last storage locker up there over Christmas because I was not able fly up and go through it. It’s to the point where it is so overwhelming now that I don’t know where to start, and I REALLY want to make our house feel like home! I’ve yet to find a job since becoming mobile again, and would love the opportunity to have help getting through all this stuff. Thanks much!!

  16. Garage! I walked in there the other day and saw a ATV. I didn’t even know we owned an ATV!

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