My Top 5 Pinterest Recipes


Who ♥’s Pinterest?!

(I’m raising both hands high myself)

There’s something so wonderful about all of the endless ideas that are available at our fingertips.  Right?  Upon opening your account you’ll find tips for home decor, cooking, parenting, home-schooling, organization, crafting, art, party planning….the list could go on and on (and on).

Not only do I love Pinterest but I’m also kind of in love with food.  Good food that is.  You may even recall that I started a Cooking Club (and blogged about how you too can start your own cooking club) solely because I love trying new recipes.

Well, because of my love for all things Pinterest and yummy food, I thought I’d share my current Top 5 Pinterest Recipes.  Because I’m nice like that.

My Top 5 Pinterest Recipes

1. White Chocolate Raspberry Scones {Breakfast}

2. Stuffed Salmon w/ Sriracha Cream Sauce {Main Course}

3. Chinese Chicken Salad w/ Spicy Ginger Dressing {Main Course}

4. Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers {Side}

5. Strawberry Lemon Shortcakes {Dessert}

What are your favorite Pinterest Recipes?

Looking for additional recipes to try?  Follow my Tried and True Recipes Pinterest Board where I’ve shared all of the recipes I’ve pinned, made and love!  

Did you know that SMB is on Pinterest too?  Click HERE to follow SMB on Pinterest 


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