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I recently had the chance to sit down with the owners and creators of Dependable Divas, Erika and Kerry. This mother and daughter team have built an amazing business all around getting organized.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably had the thought while walking out of Target “now if there was only some elves that would come and use all of these lovely storage receptacles I’ve purchased and organize my house”. Enter: Dependable Divas. They do it all from small organization projects to large scale stuff. Moving help including packing, unpacking and sorting. Office and file organization, pictures and scrap books, garages…you name it. If it needs to be cleaned out and cleaned up, they are the ladies to call – which is why in addition to some helpful tips, Kerry and Erika are doing a giveaway for six hours of their services! Read on to get all the details.

I love this before and after – look at how much bigger the room looks!!










The ladies have also been kind enough to share some of their best organization tips with us! They focused their vast knowledge of all things neat and tidy into a summer time theme:

Flip Flops ~

Keep a basket near a door to collect summer time footwear. Flip flops are small enough that they will stack up lots of pairs in one basket. I keep the basket behind a chair so no one sees it!

Sunscreen ~

Put a tote near a door with lots of sunscreen options: spray, sticks, lotions, etc. That way they are out of site, all together and easy to grab on the way out the door to the pool.

Pool Time ~

Hang decorative hooks on the wall by the door to the pool or on the exterior of the house near the pool. Hang towels up after each use so they dry throughly, but are never a slippery walk across the house.

A few more good ideas ~

What else do you ask ladies that organize for a living? Where do they shop! The ladies love the decorative bins, baskets and buckets at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Bed Bath and Beyond and the Container Store. And Ikea, Target and WalMart are fantastic for the clear plastic storage bins.

They also recommend always getting “see through” bins and color coordinating with the holiday – how nice would it be to know the Halloween goodies are in the orange bin instead of having to open 6 bins of Christmas before remembering where the pumpkins were?!

Kerry and Erika are also big on lables. Everything from a fancy chalk board variety to hand written stick ons – anything to make it easy to spot items fast.

So if you’re in need of some assistance or if you want to turn the reigns over completely, give Kerry and Erika a call to get started! In the mean time, try out a few of their ideas to keep your house an organized, happy space. And on Tuesday June 19th at 1pm, we will open up the “What room in your house needs the Divas the most?” contest and giveaway! So narrow down those problem areas and be ready to describe them to win six hours of Kerry and Erika’s time to help you get organized.

What are some simple trick you use to keep your house organized?





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