Free Shoe Tying Class for Kids – Scottsdale


I have never bought shoes with laces for any of my children. Velcro and slip-ons are just so much easier. Plus, with three small children, I have visions of being on the ground tying shoes all day. This is not exactly on my list of things to do. So my kids have never learned to tie their shoes nor have they ever even attempted the feat.

When I heard from another Valley mom that Nordstrom at Fashion Square Mall offers free shoe tying classes, I had to sign up the twins. Classes are available the last Saturday of every month at 9:00 am (before the store opens). We parked on the top floor of the Nordstrom parking garage where the 3rd floor store entrance was open early for us. Our class was packed, but there were several teachers to assist everyone. Each child was given a fun paper shoe with laces to learn the steps. The class lasted about an hour. My children are not 100% ready for shoes with laces after the class, but we are going to practice their new skills over the summer. And I think by the time they start first grade this Fall, they will be ready for a new pair of shoes that lace. I am so glad that I found out about this class, because I don’t think I ever would have taught them on my own!

If you would like to check out the Nordstrom shoe tying class, call the store and ask for the children’s shoe department to RSVP for a spot.

Class Details:
Nordstrom Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall
Phone number (480) 946-4111
Available last Saturday of each month


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