Hurray for Slow Melt Popsicles!


My childhood memories of summers in Scottsdale are simple and joyful. I remember wearing my swimsuit so long that it would turn from wet to dry while still on my body. I remember pruny-wrinkled skin and burning eyes from spending hour after hour in chlorinated pools of cool water.

I also remember our extra freezer always full with a frozen rainbow of popsicles. 

I would spend my summer afternoons lying on a beach towel on our backyard cooldeck, looking at the bright sun through a web of tangled blond hair turned green from the swimming, licking a blue raspberry chunk of ice on a stick while melted sugar-water trickled down my sunscreen covered chin.

Yes, those are truly some of my best memories!

Of course, now I’m the mom and everything is different. Sure, I’d love to help my own children re-create the same sweet summer memories I have, but we’re not quite there yet. My fair-skinned (easily burned children) are still too young to really swim without me so we still spend much more time indoors. And Popsicles? For small children? No, what a mess! There has to be something easier?

Well, I’m happy to have discovered a wonderful new treat that I just have to share with any other Scottsdale Moms who, like me, would love to give their child a delicious icy snack on a hot day, but also just like to keep things clean.

Have you tried the “Slow Melt” Popsicles yet?

Here’s the deal: They’re amazing! They’re made with gelatin, which keeps them from melting quite as fast as a typical popsicle. They taste just at good as a normal popsicle (in fact I think maybe even a little better) but they cut way back on the mess! Simple and genius!

Also, if you’re a super un-fun, clean-freak mom like me, I actually buy the regular “slow melts” for my 4 year old and the “mighty minies slow melts” for my little guy.

The Mighty Minies are about half the size as a regular popsicle but my 16 month old has no idea he’s getting anything different. They both finish up at about the same time, both feel like they had a special treat, and most importantly…they are still clean! (No sticky finger, stained-up collars, ant-magnets here!)

Three cheers for keeping those sweet summer popsicle memories alive and happy Scottsdale mommies!



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