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Here’s what we’re discussing today:

Now that you have kids of your own, what’s one thing you appreciate or admire about your own mom?

Kirsten says…

All the arts and crafts she always did with us! My mom used to be a teacher and she always had so many great ideas for artsy projects. I am a bit of a neat freak and I try to avoid messy activities. When I remind myself of all the fun I had as a child being creative with her, I feel challenged to just lighten up and break out the finger paints!

Sarah, her babies (one in utero), & her mom

Sarah says…

I appreciate now how hard it is to let kids exercise their independence without letting your freak-out/worry/judgment show all over your face. Whether it’s taking the training wheels off our bikes, or letting us experience the heartache and disappointment of misguided choices, or allowing me to go on a multi-state road trip at age 17 in a time before cell phones (WHAT?), I see now how important it is to let go – even when it feels like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

Noelle says…

When my brothers or I would perform (sports, dance, etc.) and I’d see this look in my Mom’s eye. She’d sit on the edge of her seat and I could tell she was simultaneously rooting for us to do our best and SO proud of us no matter how well we were performing. As a mom, I now get it. No accomplishment I could ever achieve on my own could make me more proud than watching them spread their wings, sometimes falter, and soar.

Tracy's mom & boys

Tracy says…

I never noticed it as a child (surprise, surprise) but my mom is the most selfless, others-focused, heart-of-a-servant mother. People talk about how others can put people before themselves but she really walks the walk. She is quick to find a job that might need to be done and then completes it. She doesn’t worry if she is stepping on my toes (throwing my sheets in the wash isn’t going to hurt my feelings, really!), she doesn’t wait to be told, she just does. But she isn’t a busy body who wants to appear busy and falling over herself to serve. No, that is not her style at all. These acts of service pour forth from her heart naturally, it is just who she really is.

Joy says…

Having my own children, I get my mom a little bit more… Is it the big things like how hard it must have been for her, or how much she loved me, sacrificed for me and snuggled and scratched my back that I admire the most? Was it that she showed me how to pray on my knees when it felt like the world was ending? Was it her strength, love and mercy she showed us through the roughest patches of adolecence? I think mostly it’s the little things, I appreciate the songs she sang to me every night, before bed…

Cate & her mom

Cate says…

Everything. She was a single mom. At the end of my long days, when I can’t wait for hubby to get home, I think ‘how did my mom ever do all of this alone?’

Beth says…

My mom is my hero so it’s hard to pick just one thing about her that I admire…but since becoming a mom, I have realized how much my mom did in a day. She started out each morning at the crack of dawn cleaning up, doing laundry, etc. Worked a full day and came home to make dinner every night and help with homework. She made being a single mom look effortless!


  1. My first thought was, ‘well, everything’. I’ve admired my mom for years before having kids, but now I really appreciate her gentle, sweet way and her patience! I feel like I still have work to do in that arena and sometimes get flustered a little quick.


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