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Recently Sarah and I each got to experience a “mommy makeover” courtesy of Rolf’s Salon. Scottsdale Moms Blog readers can expect to hear more about Rolf’s in the coming weeks as we explore ways to partner with them to bring YOU some awesome information from their amazing team of stylists and professionals.

Here’s a little bit about our experience – a makeover story, if you will, about two busy Scottsdale mamas looking for easy ways to escape the perpetual ponytail…

Joy’s Makeover Story

I love quick “finished” styles and always feel like I’m a bit disheveled and unpolished in my mommyness. For instance, at this moment I have my wet hair in a messy bun whilst my makeup is mostly done… but, it’s done in the “Rolf’s” way. I loved the bangs and the cut and the amazing tips on a quick up-do that I received during my makeover at Rolf’s.

I have to admit though, I learned a ton about how to properly do my makeup. You see, I’ve been stuck under the dilusion that I didn’t need things like foundation (I have super blotchy/freckly skin) or concealer. And I figured that how I’d been doing my makeup throughout my 20’s would work in this new decade too… thankyouverymuch.

But, after having a professional do my makeup, pick out the right colors and shade my eyes just right, I could see the difference. It wasn’t like I suddenly looked like a different person, but I certainly looked put-together (and awake). I came straight home and bought some concealer and started applying my makeup on the way I’d been shown… Upon seeing me with my makeup done (by me) the “Rolf’s” way, my husband commented, “Wow, honey, your eyes look amazing!”

So, thank you Rolf’s for teaching me a thing or two about how to fix my hair and makeup! I (along with my hubs) just love it!!! Here are my before (left) and after (right) pics:

Sarah’s Makeover Story

I am the ponytail queen. Every time I get my hair cut I vow to be better about styling it regularly, but within a few days I’m back to my old habits. I have naturally wavy hair and prefer to wear it air-dried/natural most days and save the styling for special occasions. I also have a dirty little secret – I have quite a bit of gray! Most if it is concentrated around my temples and really shows when I pull my hair back in my trademark perky high ponytail.

I went into Rolf’s prepared – I wore my hair the way I wear it on a typical “mom-day” – down and wavy with just a portion of the front (grown-out bangs) pinned away from my face with a couple of bobby pins. Rolf (himself!) and my stylist Emerald understood that I need a haircut that will showcase my natural wave, but also look stylish when I do decide to blow dry. And I confessed my secret – I need help covering the grays.

For the last couple of years I’ve been getting my hair dyed every few months with an all-over color a couple shades darker than my natural color. I love the dark brown look, but when those pesky grays start to grow out, the contrast is obvious. My Rolf’s stylist added some very subtle brown highlights (not the streaky blonde kind) throughout the front, and cut quite a few more layers than I had previously – including some longish bangs in front. I love the color, and while the after shot below (right) shows how they styled it at the salon, I’ve been super pleased with how the cut air dries naturally too.

If you are overdue for a makeover, give the professionals at Rolf’s Salon & Spa a call. And don’t forget to register for Mom’s Night Out this Thursday, where you’ll get a chance to win amazing giveaways from Rolf’s and other local businesses!


  1. Make up!!! I hear you Joy, I need all the help I can get.
    I’m the kind of person that needs someone to literally SHOW me and then tell me I’m screwing up when I try it myself.

    You two look absolutely stunning!



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