Chalk It Up: 3 Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint



If I had to pick a go to item in my craft closet, it would be chalkboard paint. It’s fast. It’s fun. And it has the possibility to bring clarity to a space. Not to mention it’s just so darn easy!

Not a fan of black? RustOleum and Hudson Paint carry a variety of colors. I had a hard time finding anything but black at the home improvement stores, but if you’ve got some time, you can definitely order up whatever color you like online.


The Family Calendar

My husband once complained that he had no idea what was going on in our lives. He never knew when dinners were planned, when we were invited to parties, birthdays, etc. While walking to the laundry room it struck me – we had a huge cabinet wall that was a blank slate and already black, what better place for a chalkboard calendar.

To duplicate, find a visible wall or cabinet that can be painted. Paint all or part to create a spot for notes, grocery lists, quotes, calendars or just doodles!



We have a hand me down set of table and chairs that lives on our patio. It had seen better days and was in desperate need of some sanding and painting. The problem was that despite coordinating well, the table and chairs were each a different color. So the task was to either match the color of each piece or come up with an alternative. And that alternative was…you guessed it, chalkboard paint!

Using a sanded and clean surface, tape off the area you want to paint and put at least two coats of paint on being sure to make the surface as smooth as possible (watch the lines that a brush or roller makes).

Before….                                                                                                                          …..After!


The “Chalkboard” Plant Marker

This one is a fake out. It doesn’t involve paint (but it could!) but rather some black rocks and a white paint pen. These are fast and easy which makes them perfect gifts. Tie them up with some seeds and empty pots and voila! Home made and adorable.

Need more ideas? How about painting a serving tray, signs for baskets, jars, flower pots, picture frames or a door? If you can’t think of once place you need a chalkboard, email me. I’ll find one for you!


So, where are you going to try some chalkboard paint?


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