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I hate to even mention the “d” word but I’m going to. Drowning and the need to be able to swim is a very serious deal. No one wakes up in the morning expecting to lose a child to drowning but, almost every time it happens, it could have been prevented by the adults responsible for the care of that child. Kids are so quick and unpredictable and it only takes a second and your child can be in danger.

The Phoenix Fire Department shares a number of great pool safety instructions, one of which is the importance of learning to swim. With that in mind, enrolling my children in swimming lessons is not an optional activity,  it’s practically mandatory.

Before choosing a swim school, I did what I always do, I asked all of my veteran mommy friends for recommendations.  The swim school that came the most highly recommended was Kim Courtney’s Swim School. So that’s where we’ve been going for the past 3 summers.

Since enrolling Nora in swimming lessons at Kim Courtney’s Swim School, Nora has learned so much and I truly believe it’s one of the best swimming schools in the Valley.

Here’s why I love Kim Courtney’s Swim School ::

  • Kim has great experience – 30+ years of teaching swim lessons to be exact. Now that’s some great credibility!
  • Mommies do NOT have to get in the water. This is a huge plus when you have multiple kids. And in all honesty let’s face it – your child needs to learn to swim on his/her own.
  • All of their swim instructors mean business. Not in a bad way but in a “learning to swim is VERY important so you must listen to me” sort of way.  Nora needs this sort of intensity from her teachers.
  • All instruction is individualized to the student. At Nora’s first lesson the instructors assessed her swimming abilities and going forward she was given very individualized instruction. Children are all at different levels when it comes to their ability to swim so why should each child do the exact same thing during their lessons? I so appreciate this about Kim and her instructors.

All in all I’ve been extremely pleased with everything about Kim Courtney’s Swim School and would recommend it any of you, my {Phoenix/Scottsdale} mommy comrades.

And that’s not it! I have some AMAZING news for you ladies! Scottsdale Moms Blog and Kim Courtney’s Swim School have partnered together to provide YOU, our wonderful SMB Readers, with the opportunity to check out Kim Courtney’s Swim School for a discounted rate!

Just mention this post when calling to register and receive $10 off the session fee or a critter swimming cap.

You’re welcome 😉


  1. COOL! I have to ask if Kim sees this post, do you have a daughter named Meredith? I used to dance with a girl named Meredith Courtney at Betty Johnson….WOW, it’s been like 20 years I guess. Just wanted to know if you were her mom! (maiden name is Lauren Booth)

    Happy safe swimming this summer everyone!

  2. It is so nice to hear that you make swim lessons mandatory and that you’ve found a swim lesson program that you enjoy! With so many pools located around Phoenix and its surrounding communities, it creates the need for parents to be more vigilant in keeping their children safe near the water. That is why it is so important for parents to ensure their kids take swim and water safety seriously by enrolling their children in swim lessons. Giving kids swim lessons and teaching them about water safety is a crucial step in drowning prevention. Thank you for sharing this article.


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