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Bedtime arguments, 3-am feedings, preschoolers with nightmares, and endless loads of  laundry and dishes. Sure, this motherhood gig is precious and rewarding, but let’s be honest, this job is awfully exhausting!

Maybe that’s why I can’t think of a mother I know who doesn’t LOVE a good cup of coffee! Perhaps it’s survival or maybe addiction, but wouldn’t we all admit that a morning at the park or the zoo is made just that much lovelier with a delicious non-fat mocha latte is your hand?

Well, as a helpful little tip to all you Scottsdale moms who feel the same way I do about their cups of caffiene, be on the lookout for the coolest new coffee bar in our area: Shine Coffee! Here’s the deal, they’re not a store or a restaurant.  They’re an airstream trailer and they travel the city making delicious espresso drinks!

Shine does a lot of special occasions, like weddings and corporate meetings, but they also pop up all over town at exactly the sorts of events you might be at while wishing you had a cup of coffee. On Saturdays, they’re usually at the Central Farmer’s Market in Phoenix; On Thursday evenings, they’re at the Art Walk in Scottsdale. They’ve even established a new weekly stop on Thursday mornings at the Madison Rose Lane Elementary school. Parents, teachers and students gather before school opens for milk, pastries, and coffee for the grown ups and they donate 10% to the school.

Who’s behind this espresso bar on wheels?

Shine is owned and run a husband and wife team, Christiaan Blok and Laryn Callaway-Blok, who (yes, you guessed it)  are also local Scottsdale parents! As entrepreneurs and parents, Laryn says they think like family people, what kinds of drinks would I want Shine to have if I were a parent coming for a coffee?

She’s come with some pretty good answers to that question including a kids menu of hand-made, flavored milks, like chocolate, raspberry and vanilla. “The kids don’t need babyccinos, they want something just for them,” says Callaway-Blok. “We always have tiny marshmallows for hot chocolate – and we make it using real dark chocolate syrup, not yucky powder. We have muffins and apple pop tarts for kids to choose…and doughnuts!”

A little more about this Airstream thing….

According to Laryn, Shine was a mobile espresso bar from the start and it only took them about a second to say “AIRSTREAM!!!” They have 1957 and 1963 models and they’re both unique and beautiful. Oh, and most importantly, if a kid loves the Airstream and wants to come inside to see what they’re doing, Shine is totally cool with that! “We love it when younger kids look at the trailer and say, ‘What is this!??’  It’s from aircraft material from the post-war era, it used to be a family’s camper for travel, it’s now a powerhouse coffee bar on 2 wheels….”

Three cheers for a cup of coffee exactly where and when you need one!

****Also, if you happen to be out at the Central Farmers Market and see the Shine Airstream, mention that you’re an SMB reader and get one free kids drink! This offer is valid for the rest of April so hurry out to the farmers market and enjoy the last of the good weather with a cup of good coffee!

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