The Savvy Sale: Baby and kid consignment sale


Last week a girlfriend and I went to The Savvy Sale out in Mesa. It was intense.insane.awesome.crazy. Really though, just imagine a Black Friday shopping experience, on steroids, full of pregnant women! Being in my third trimester had its advantage for this sale, because it got me and a ‘guest’ in the very first group of non-consigners/volunteers. Hooray for being almost 35 weeks!

Now when I say that I went a little crazy for this sale, that is just a slight serious understatement. Being the research freak that I am, I wanted to know what the top 5-10 items were for each thing I wanted. I spent too much time on Amazon reading reviews for swings, bouncer seats, baby carriers, etc. I wanted to be able to walk in to the sale and see my options and know from research that although that one swing in the corner looks cuter, the one in the middle has incredible reviews and is the one I should get. I even went psycho enough to carry around a notebook with me with all of my top choices, and their full retail value. Side note, its honestly embarrassing even telling y’all judging allowed:)

The sale goes a little something like this. Pre-sale passes are handed out for various reasons: 1,2,or 3 trimester passes, foster parent passes, moms of multiple passes, etc. With that pass you and a guest can get in a day early. The next day is for the pre-sale passes of ‘new mommies’, and then it opens to the public that afternoon. The final day is 1/2 off everything left! I can’t say how worth it the second and third day of the sale are, because I have only been to the pre-sale first day, but i’m sure you are still bound to find great stuff.

Here is a little breakdown of what I got.

My biggest purchase was the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Infant Seat. That baby retails for $55 and I got one practically new looking for only $25.

I also got three other items that were either brand new,or, so slightly used that you couldn’t even tell:

Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie The Firefly Take Along normally $15, bought new there for $3

The Summer Infant Snuzzler normally $17, bought brand new there for $7

My Baby Nest carrier, normally $70, bought practically new there for $25.

I also got two bags of awesome Trumpette socks, normally around $25 for 6 pair and I got 9 pair for $7! A million and one moms have told me that these are the only socks that stay on their babies feet, so I was so excited when I found two bags of them. I totally scored when I found the exact wipe warmer I had registered for {and not gotten} for only $5, instead of $20! They had about a million and one of these fantastic Munchkin Dishwasher Baskets for only $1! You better believe that I am going to be returning the two that I got as gifts, and saving myself the $9 difference. The large ziploc bag is full of three hooded bath towels that are a little cheesy for my preference, but guess what- the whole bag was $1.50- thank you very much! The Old Navy swim trunks are hopefully what will ft him when we go on a family vacation to San Diego when hes two months old- $2! The brand new teether toy, $2. The bag full of Gerber spoons..$2. In total I spent $86. It is crazy to think that I could have only gotten the baby carrier and wipe warmer for that price, and instead I got all of those goodies.

All in all, it was a huge success. My tips for you to have the best shopping experience while there?

  1. Bring a friend, someone you can not only bounce ideas off of, but also when the line gets really long, one can wait in it while the other shops, and visa-versa.
  2. Bring some sort of clothes basket, big shopping bag, etc. I pushed around a dirty clothes hamper that had wheels. It was perfect for being able to just toss everything in and keep going.
  3. Have an idea going in on what you want to get. Do some research before so you are not going in and just buying the ‘cutest’ car seat {that could have terrible reviews}. There is no such thing as returns for this sale, so you get what you get!
  4. Bring cash, water, and your patience. The sale is pure madness {as are the people there!} so just stay calm and be happy about the deals you are getting.

Any of you been to the sale before? Have as good of luck as me..or even better?! The next Savvy sale is sometime in October I believe, thank goodness its twice a year!


  1. Adrienne,

    If you liked the SAVVY sale, you will love the JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS sale going on right here in Scottsdale – at the old Borders book store near Scottsdale Rd and the 101 – from May 4-6. My friend, Shannon, is coordinating it. Consignors can also price and leave things at the sale once they have registered and don’t need to hang around during the sale, man booths, etc. Here is the link if you are interested:


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