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When it comes to birthday parties for my children…well, “I’m just not that into them.”

I recognize that birthdays are important. They give us an opportunity reflect on how much our children have grown, a special way to celebrate them and give them a moment in the spotlight. Yep, I totally get it. But, I just tend to get a little overwhelmed with the whole “birthday party thing”

In the past, I’ve handled my hesitation by throwing simple dinner parties for our extended family, which included my son’s cousins and one or two of his little friends. We grilled chicken or made enchiladas. We had cupcakes, candles, a few presents and that was that! He felt special! We all had fun! The end!

But this year, I realized early on, that my usual plan was not going to cut it. My son was turning 4 and he was on to the whole “birthday party thing”. Months before his actual birthday, he began making plans. I listened to him share his thoughts about what a proper birthday party would entail. His guest list included about 70 children. There would be a bounce house, a trampoline, pony rides, and some race cars. The “real Spiderman” would need to make an appearance as would Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, who would perform a lightsaber fight for my son. There would be an ice-cream man, cupcakes, gummy worms, cotton candy, pizza and hot dogs. Oh, and everyone would spend the night in sleeping bags on our front yard. As I listened to him describe what he assumed was an acceptable 4th birthday party, I began to wonder if I was secretly being filmed for a pilot for My Super-Sweet-Sixteen: Preschool-Edition.

Needless to say, I was in trouble! I had no intentions of honoring any of my son’s suggestions and to make matters worse, we were in the middle of a move and had to be out of our old house 3 days before my son’s birthday.

I was lamenting my situation to a friend when she casually mentioned that she had seen a Groupon for a Skypark Birthday Party ! All I could say was Hallelujah! It was just what I needed, a fun and unique party that my son would LOVE and required virtually no effort from me. That afternoon, I bought the Groupon, sent out my Paperless Post, and literally did not think about it again until the day before the party!

If you haven’t heard of Skypark yet, it is an indoor trampoline park that just opened a few moths ago on Indian School & 40th Street (hey all you South Scottsdale mamas – looks like we just scored another indoor activity to save July!).

Skypark was exactly what you would expect: trampolines… lots of ‘em! Parents sign an e-waiver at the computer station in the front when their children arrive and then they’re free to jump, jump, jump! There are trampoline dodgeball courts, trampoline basketball courts, a bounce-in-foam pit, and a special area for children 7 and under with separate trampolines and a giant bounce-house style slide.

The minute the children arrived they turned tiny balls of energy, running from one area to another, bouncing all the while. My son never stopped smiling and all I could think about was the score card that kept running through my head “1 win for easy bedtimes and good night sleep” “1 loss for childhood obesity”…and “1 BIG bonus point for easiest birthday party ever!”

After about an hour and a half, I began to hear reports that some of the children were getting a little hungry so off to the VIP party room we went for a delicious pizza dinner. The pizza was brought in from Mamma Mia next door (no cooking for me and another point for “easiest party ever”) and served on paper plates that I didn’t have to buy (again – no fighting in the paper aisle at Party City because they have the wrong Star Wars characters on the plates – looks like another point for low-key party planning).

When the children were done with their pizza, we broke out the cupcakes (these were the only thing I actually brought myself, but Skypark does have the option of providing a cake as well) The cupcakes were inhaled before we had a chance to even sing Happy Birthday! Apparently this didn’t seem to bother my son at all since he was the one leading the post-cupcake charge, upward and onward, back to the trampolines!

All in all, it was a great birthday for my son and I got fabulous reports back from the other kiddos’ moms! Sure, the little Martha Stewart on my shoulder did cause me to feel a twinge of guilt, since I did next to nothing to prepare and host my son’s party. However,  I quickly got over that, knowing that I accomplished all my goals: giving my son a fun time, a special celebration and a wonderful birthday memory!

If you’d like more information about Skypark or their birthday pary options, visit their website:

Also, if you are planning a party for younger children be sure to call because they do offer reduced prices for younger children!

But… hold onto your wallets because Skypark is offering a FREE birthday party for 20 to one lucky SMB reader!

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  1. My daughter would love a SkyPark b-day party for her 4th in July! It’d be great to beat the heat in an indoor trampoline park!

  2. My son and daughter are 8 years apart, but they share the same month for their birthdays. They both love going to the indoor trampoline places. This would be a fun for both and easy for me to get both parties done at once with all the same friends and family.

  3. This would be amazing! My daughter turns 6 next month and I’m starting to sweat about where we will hold all her friends from church & kindergarten!!! Looks like a great place!

  4. Both of my boys would love to have a birthday party at SkyPark but my 6 year-old would LOVE it the most!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I would love to have a party for my son Landon there. He is younger so that’s great that they offer discounts for the little ones.

  6. Checked this out and liked it on Facebook. My son turns 5 this June and I think this would be a great place for a party – we are moving back to Scottsdale this month (after a year in CA) – so my “inner Martha Stewart” will be happy to take a birthday off! Unpacking and moving is enough to worry about. Aparty place that does everything for us, allowing our family to reconnect with old friends and enjoy ourselves,sounds perfect.

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