Hissyfits in Scottsdale


No, no, not the tantrum kind.  The super cute kids resale shop kind!  When we found out we were having our first baby boy, I ran out excited to shop in a section I had previously never really wandered through.  Much to my disappointment, the shops that had lovely or fun sections for girls, came up desperately lacking for boys.  There was no way I could put my kid in a shirt with a big giraffe that read “My Dad is Tops” or some such thing.  It was so cheesy. Finding fabulous clothes at my kind of prices was going to be challenging.  Until I found this little Phoenix treasure:  Hissyfits.  A small resale shop with unique children’s and maternity clothing as well as baby items and new funky gifts.

It has become my go-to for one of a kind, shall I say edgier, items for my son’s wardrobe.  The only draw back is that their original location is at 7th Street and Glendale.  It was quite an outing from Scottsdale.

Imagine my sheer delight when I was walking the Old Town streets and saw a new store front! Hissyfits Scottsdale.  Um, yes, please!!! It is on Scottsdale Road, just south of Camelback.  Do you know the sweet vintage book shop? Right by there.

I’ve been talking to the owner, Nikki.  She is a mom to 5 kiddos and has been an avid resale shopper since her teenager years.  5 years ago, she took something she had fun with and made it a career.  She said, “I made a leap of faith that my experience and love for what I do would make the shop successful and it is has.”

I love that! A mom doing what she loves and helping other local moms in the process.  They are busy getting the new store stocked.  Nikki hopes it will be ready for the grand opening April 1st.  Until then, you can check out their Phoenix location.  Also, on March 18th, Hissyfits will have their annual Hullabaloo, a handmade market with over 70 vendors. I cannot wait.  I’m already excited for a spring clothes!


Hissyfits is one of my tops for resale shops.  What are some of your favorites when it comes to consignment and resale for kids?



P.S. Hissyfits did not pay me to love them, or tell you of my love for them.  🙂  Just one mom sharing the secrets of my son’s super cool wardrobe and also encouraging you fellow Phoenicians to support local small businesses. 


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