DIY Cake Stands


I have a slight obsession with cake stands. I love their elegant look. I love the height they create in a table-scape. So naturally when I came across do it yourself instructions to make cake stands out of candle sticks and plates, I rushed out to snatch up supplies! Bonus? This might be one of the easiest projects I have and will ever blog about, but the finished product looks like it was much more time consuming. 


What you’ll need:

Candle sticks – I found some great bargans at My Sister’s Attic. Stick with the shorter version so they don’t get tipsy. I used both a crystal version and a silver. 

Plates – TJ Maxx had some great buys!

Quick Set Epoxy – any hardware store will carry this.




1. Clean your candle sticks and plates. Remove any stickers and or wax.

2. Mix epoxy – the kind I used came from Ace Hardware in two tubes. You use equal amounts of each compound and then mix thoroughly. I used a paper plate and a plastic knife – whatever you use, make sure it’s desposable.

3. Put epoxy onto candle stick – it’s kind of like icing a cake – get it on the top, but make sure it doesn’t run down the sides.

4. Flip the plate onto the front so the back is up. Place the epoxied candle stick into the center of the plate. With the candle stick in place, flip both over as one piece.

5. Get down on the side of the cake stand and adjust the plate so that it is centered from all sides. Spin the candle stick slowly to make sure it looks good from every angle.

6. Let stand in a safe, bump free, area and let dry for 24 hours.

7. Enjoy your adorable new cake stand!


I made these delicious bite sized caprese salads and served them on my cake stand – pretty, right? I spent the next 10 minutes swearing  to my friends that I had in fact made the stand and how to do it. This would make a great gift for weddings, birthdays, house warmings, you name it!


What silly thing do you just love? Are there any other DIY projects you are interested in reading about?




  1. Beth – this is AWESOME! I also have a bit of an obsession with cake stands and have seen versions of these all over pinterest….. sooooo fun!

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