Stressed-Out In Scottsdale


Dear Abby Scottsdale Moms,

Recently I’ve been having a problem, and I need your advice.

I’m not sure if it has to do with the fact that the sun doesn’t shine until after 7am, or my new Anthropologie comforter makes my bed EXTRA cozy—but my mornings have been getting off to a rough start.

The morning rush has grown increasingly hectic in our house.  Breakfast, backpacks, digging socks out of the dryer- all of it has left me feeling a little stressed.  I feel like I’m chasing after my day, as it gets away from me before it even starts.  And even though she promised to change my world, even Siri hasn’t helped.

I’ll admit, in theory, I’m June Cleaver – I’ve come up with a long list of complex routines, and amazing plans- but they don’t stick.  What I need are some SIMPLE, doable strategies to take some of the edge of insanity off.  (…Aaaand maybe a suggestion for how I can convince my three year-old that underwear IS an essential part of the wardrobe…)

Do you have any?  

Just share a few ideas on how you keep your mornings running smoothly. 


Stressed-Out in Scottsdale



  1. I hear you Noelle!

    The only thing that has seemed to help me (now you need to understand I don’t have school age children yet so it’s probably a bit different) is getting up an hour or so BEFORE the kiddo’s. That way I’m able to shower, eat breakfast, drink a cup of coffee and check a few emails before the little one’s are up and needing my attention.

    Can’t wait to hear the other suggestions! I need all the help I can get!

  2. Per my kids’ pediatrician…underwear isn’t mandatory until they are school-aged. I still try though, but don’t make it my battle of the morning. 🙂
    Hang in there!!

  3. We have to have a routine and being consistent in that routine is the hardest yet most important part. I try to get up 15-20 minutes before the boys so I can start my morning routine & their breakfast. I also know that we have an hour (usually) from wake-up to heading out the door.

    Time management.

    While yes, I do start my routine before waking them I don’t usually finish it. Once they’re awake and dressed to their shoes and at the table eating do I finish my part.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Try getting your 3 year old that he or she is really excited about. Like trying to find their favorite character print. My son loves Yo Gabba Gabba and I got him a 3 pack of those. It might it an easier battle if it’s something that they love. Also, a small tip might be to try to prepare things you know will be in your morning routine the night before. Even if it’s 1 thing you need to do like prepare lunches or pick their clothes out so it takes a few minutes of rushing off your routine the next day. Hope that helps a little…. good luck :)!

  5. Not rocket science, but I lay out every ones outfits (including socks, underwear & shoes) on Sunday. Also make my weekly menu on Sunday. It makes the rest of the week easier. Also I put everything in the car the night before.

  6. Sounds a lot like my mornings. I do get up an hour before the kiddos ( 2 in high school & 1 in elementary school), so that I can shower, get myself ready, and get breakfast cooked for the kids (I eat cereal). Still it doesn’t mean that the extra hour have over the kids makes the morning routine go smoothly. I do try to do little things though that take some of the edge off of the morning routine. I do cook breakfast during the week, with the exception of Friday usually, so I look for things that are nutritional but won’t take a long time to cook. Some of my kids breakfast favs are: a breakfast sandwich (sausage or bacon, egg, cheese on toasted bread or english muffin), pancakes with bacon or sausage, traditional breakfast (bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, cheese grits), and omlets. With the pancakes I took the advice of my close friend and place all the dry ingredients in a jar beforehand, so that when I am ready to make pancakes all I have to do is add the milk. I try to avoid pre-packaged/frozen items (except cereal). And although my kids are older than three, I might suggest allowing your little one to pick out some underwear that he likes (maybe a special trip to the store just for him to choose). If he feels as if he has chosen the underwear that he would like to wear, he might not put up such a fight in having to wear them.

  7. We’ve had so many mornings like that in our house! Our mornings go so much better when I get me kids to lay out their clothes the night before (including any sports equipment, instruments, etc.) and make sure their planners/homework are all done the night before as well. We also make school lunches the night before. Also, getting up before my family helps so much. I’ve participated in Hello Mornings a couple of times over at and that has really helped me as I commit to being up before my family for coffee, time with God and sometimes exercise.


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