DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper


Cripes wrapping paper is expensive! And the cheap stuff rips and tears. Let’s be honest, how a gift is wrapped, matters. When I receive a present where the wrapping is as good as the gift inside, it makes it even more special.

So how do you get quality wrap at a great price? You do it yourself! I started doing this a few years ago because I couldn’t find paper I liked. After I made my own, I saw how much fun it was, how special the gifts looked and the cost savings and realized “do it yourself” wrap was the way to go. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Polk a Dot Wrap

The trick to this is to make the dots last. That way you don’t waste time waiting for a whole role of paper to dry and the dots are positioned perfectly. The bonus is that it’s non denominational too.

What you’ll need:

Plain wrapping paper: white, brown, green, whatever!

Ribbon – wire edge is preferable

Paint in a color that corresponds to the ribbon

Dotting sponge

Scissors and tape



1. Wrap your gift.

2. Tie the ribbon. Make the junction of the to directions of the ribbon vary between gifts; tie some at the top, some the middle or just make one loop around. The differentiation will add interest in a pile of presents.

*Just to clarify – this did not photograph amazingly, but I swear it looks cute in person!

3. Dot your paint. Using the dot sponge, paint and a paper plate, sponge on the dots. Consider using alternating size sponges, or uniform sponges in a pattern to mix it up.

4. Add a card. I used a plain gift card and added some dots to tie onto the bow.

5. Tear it apart!


Gift Bags

I love gift bags. They are so fast and easy. And a little stamping will make them look extra special.

What you’ll need:

Plain bags – again, in any color

Holiday stamps

Ink pad – metallics work great

Tissue paper

Ribbon – wired edge works well




1. With the bag flat and using one stamp, stamp in a pattern – in a row, diagonal, circle, whatever looks pretty and is consistent.

2. Open the bag and stuff with your gift.

3. Fluff the tissue. With a flat piece of tissue, grab from the center. Pull straight up creating a cone of issue. Stuff the pointed side into the bag creating a fluff of tissue out the top.

4. Tie handles together on one side with ribbon.

5. Give away!

More ideas…

~Brown paper packages tied up with string – one of my favorite songs makes for an adorably vintage wrap idea!

~Raffia – the stringy fiber is not only cheap, but gives gifts a festive and fancy look. Use one color or combine two to make beautiful adornments. Be sure to double or triple them to create a fuller look.

~Skip the gift tags – invest in a paint pen at your favorite craft store and nominate a friend with great handwritting to scrib your gifts. Scroll out the “to” and “from” across the front of the gift for your decoration.

~Reuse – use newspaper, old books, music sheets or even fabric to make your gifts special.

~Add something special – tie ornaments, bells or other small gifts to the packages to punch up the wow factor.

~Instead of bags, use Chinese take out boxes (like the gift kind, not the leftover kind!), paint cans (Lowes and Michaels both carry empty versions) or bottles for a fun alternative.

What are your favorite wrapping tips and tricks?