i ♥ fresh & easy


Please let me introduce a dear friend of mine.  Her name is Fresh & Easy.  We meet up on a weekly basis.

Here’s our story…

I had never heard of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market before the chain — which is less than a half-decade old — opened a location here in the Scottsdale area.

I was willing to give them a try not only because it was closer to my home than Trader Joe’s but because food-wise their philosophy is similar. Luckily I was impressed enough by their good (if limited) offerings to become a regular shopper there.

And frankly, after doing roughly 90% of my shopping there for nearly 2 years now,  I’ve grown to love this little neighborhood market.

Here are a few (of the many) reasons why…

Fresh & Easy Coupons ::

Some of you are scared.  I can tell.

No, I’m not big into coupons. I like saving money but I don’t spend my Sunday afternoons clipping coupons (for those of you who do – you go girl!). However, I do use these sweet little green F&E coupons. Between clipping their coupons in the weekly Saavy Shopper and printing off their weekly email coupons (sign up here), I generally have a good assortment of options to bring with me on my weekly grocery run.

Steph’s Tip :: You can use more than one coupon.  Yep.  You can.  I do it. A lot. Sometimes I even use 3-4/week.  That’s anywhere from a $15-$20 savings each week.  (yes please)

And lucky for you – F&E just made a printable coupon available for YOU.  Download a $6 off coupon by clicking HERE.

Fresh & Easy Friends Card ::

This is a new perk to shopping at Fresh and Easy.  As a thank you to their customers, Fresh and Easy recently released a Friends Card that allows their customers to earn points towards cash rewards.  Yes – you read that right.  CASH rewards. (Thank YOU Fresh & Easy!)

And I’m talking significant savings.  Just last week I was able to cash in some rewards points and get $7 off of my grocery bill – simply for shopping at Fresh & Easy.


YUMMY Food. 

Not only does Fresh and Easy carry a number of name brand items, but they also have their own brand (similar to TJ’s).

I’ve found that I love a lot of the F&E brand items.  Some of my favorite items include Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers, Frozen Pizza (yeppers – I just made a mommy confession there – we eat frozen pizza in this house), Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Rosemary Focaccia Bread, Roasted Tomatoes.. the list goes on and on.

And last but not least…

F&E loves Moms.

We’ve been working with Fresh & Easy for a year now and love that they love mommies (and our blog specifically♥).

Case in point :: Some of you may remember when we hosted a Fresh & Easy Social with a number of you and your kiddos last year.    Well – F&E provided all of the incredible food (and lots more for the attendee’s to take home and enjoy).

Again – I love that F&E takes care of us mommies!

Sad you missed that event?  Well – you’re in luck!  Fresh & Easy is providing all of the yummy treats (again) for our upcoming Scottsdale Moms Blog Christmas Party (next Monday)!

For $5/family (pst… that’s a REALLY good deal) you and your kiddos can jump till you drop, eat all of the yummy F&E treats your heart desires AND you’ll walk away with a little gift from SMB (courtesy of SnapSac).

Why not?  Register TODAY to reserve your spot.

i ♥ fresh & easy.


 {Note : I have not been paid by Fresh & Easy to write about their company.  I just love F&E so much that I couldn’t resist blogging about them}



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