DIY Christmas Ornaments (that rock)


The thought of Christmas shopping is driving me more nuts than the sound of Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Really do we need to hear Christmas music for 30+ days?? Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and everything about it- the movies, the special flavor coffees and the excitement of the kiddies as Christmas gets closer, but I would like to at least watch The Christmas Story on Thanksgiving night before hearing radio stations and stores playing non-stop Christmas music.

I remember when I was younger one of my favorite things to do was make Christmas presents for my parents. I enjoyed walking through the aisles of the craft supply store with an open mind, not knowing what I would end up making them.

As I got older and free time was spent elsewhere, I began purchasing gifts rather than buying them. I would fight the crowds of people, all after the same sale item just to get an item for 20% off. The stores seem to be becoming worse and worse each holiday season. The fellow customers are beginning to get rudder only caring about themselves and people are going out and buying themselves the hot ticket items, rather than buying for someone else. I tried shopping online for presents but found that it was too hard buying a shirt for my dad that I could not physically see and touch –my dad is a big texture guy, if it’s not soft he’s not going to wear it.

For the above reasons I have decided to set a few Saturdays aside to make my presents again. Since I am now employed full time and get home after my local craft store closes, I did some research and found Factory Direct Craft online. They are a discounted craft supplies store that literally has everything! I even found some cool decorations for my room! Check them out:

After browsing their site and brainstorming different ideas I have decided to make everyone in my family Christmas ornaments using these acrylic balls. I have a few ideas on how to decorate the inside but would be more than open for some suggestions!

The first idea I have is to get paint and marbles, run the marble through the paint, insert it into the ball and swish it around so the paint makes lines on the marble. I would let the paint on the inside dry and add some other colors to it. The second idea I have is to fill the balls with potpourri, lace, flower petals or confetti. I am sure I will end up doing both of these ideas as well as other I think of when I sit down to start the project.

The picture above is an example of an ornament for the newlyweds.  It’s their wedding invitation cut into strips, curled and placed into the acrylic ball.  Thoughtful, right?

Hey Scottsdale Moms, since I’m just getting back into the crafty thing, can you help suggest some other ways for me to use these acrylic balls to make great gifts?

Written by Jennifer Richards: Jennifer is a freelance writer who LOOVES doing  crafts.  When she isn’t snuggled up on the couch with her Kindle, she can  be found researching her next To-Do project, doing craft activities with  her daughter or writing in her diary where she keeps track  of different moments she has with her daughter, and plans on giving it  to her when she graduates High School.


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