Running Diaries: Mommy Half Marathon Complete!


Last month we brought you the half-marathon training stories of two of our Scottsdale Moms Blog contributors. Last Sunday they each completed the Susan G. Komen Women’s Half Marathon in Phoenix, and today we are so proud to share with you their thoughts post-race. Tracy’s story is below (read her pre-race post here) and look for Angela’s later today!

My name is Tracy and I have run a half marathon! I wasn’t sure a sentence like that could ever come out of my mouth but it is true and I love that it is! I fought hard for those 13.1 miles this past Sunday in the Susan G. Komen Women’s Half Marathon but it was well worth it and I am so proud of my accomplishment!

The course itself was great. We ran over parts of Scottsdale that I didn’t even know existed which was really cool and it was a good mix of nice straightaways and fun twists and turns. The race benefitted the Susan G. Komen foundation so quite a few women wore shirts that read, “I run for…” I was very touched by this display of strength. The route was lined with a smattering of spectators, lots of kids and parents cheering on their mamas as well as random groups of cheerleaders…from the Arizona State University cheerleaders to small pop warner cheerleaders. They were cute though and I was willing to take all of the encouragement I could get! My favorite group was the group of guys that claimed themselves as a “High Five Station” and appeared about three times over the course and did just that! I loved the spontaneous displays of strength and courage coming from random strangers.

I was proud of my run and felt stronger than I ever have for about the first 8 miles but struggled more with the back 5. This being my first half though, I had no expectations and just wanted to experience it for what it was: running 13.1 miles! I really would like to learn more about the nutritional aspect of running and while I trained hard physically, I didn’t pay much attention to hydration or nutrition and when you are putting your body to the test by running 13 miles, you have to take all things into consideration!

Highlights throughout the run were thinking of special moments with my boys while we danced to songs that I had on my playlist, and being able to see them at the finish. I was excited to tell them I had trained hard, worked to accomplish a goal, and finished it, and I was super excited to find my husband at the finish. He trained with me, allowing me to run and coordinating schedules so we could make it happen and I was very excited to see him!

At mile 12, I took my ear buds out and just let the moment consume me. People would cheer from the sidelines that I was so close and were already starting to congratulate me. The sounds are something I won’t soon forget and tears were already in my eyes. As I ran toward the finish, with about 50 yards to go I finally saw my husband…

…as you can tell, it was the highlight of my run! I crossed the finish line, actually doing a toe touch I was so excited, and reunited with my boys. Tears of joy, thankfulness, accomplishment, and satisfaction washed over me and it was made only more wonderful by my boys shouting, “You won, Mommy! You won!” (Don’t tell them the actual winner finished an hour earlier than I did because in my book I was most certainly a winner.)

Remember, you don’t have to run 13 miles to feel like a winner. As mamas we are all athletes competing in fierce games each and every day. We may lose a battle or two but as we strive to raise our children with high ideals and love and their own sense of courage, at the end of the day, you will always emerge as the winner. Always.

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Tracy Carson is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, a wife to her Prince Charming whom she has been married to for 10 years and a Mom of two precious boys, 5 and 3. Tracy has a passion for helping women feel beautiful inside and out and works hard in her faith based counseling practice, Professional Counseling Associates, ( specializing in the treatment of women’s issues: especially anxiety, development, and eating disorders and counts it a privilege to come alongside of women as they overcome the stress that can come with new life transitions. When Tracy is not in her professional role, you can probably find her out running or trying to figure out how to incorporate the newest fashion trends into her wardrobe. Follow her on twitter @tkcarson



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