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As the holidays draw near and I dream of temperatures below 70 degrees, I am also dreaming of how I can make this Christmas a memorable one for our family.  Christmas to me usually means sweaters and boots and a red stocking cap and a deep harty red-cheeked fellow bellowing “Ho-Ho-Ho.”  But, let’s admit it, girls, it’s difficult to really get into the holiday mood in that sweater when it’s 90 degrees and your AC is still running 24-7.

This, my dears, is why I am so very thankful for the North Pole Experience.  I can’t wait to bundle up my little desert-dwelling munchkins up and enjoy some firsts with them in Northern Arizona, where, winter actually comes to stay for a little while and fire places are actually lit for the purpose of warming a room.  What’s that? You haven’t heard about this magical winter-wonderland escape?

The North Pole Experience starts in Greer, Arizona (where the magical portal to the North Pole is located, of course).

The North Pole Experience (NPX) is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on adventure for families to help build toys in Santa’s workshop in Greer, Arizona.    Santa has invited all the children living in the Valley to experience working side-by-side with him and his elves. Santa’s workshop will officially open for the 2011 season on November 18 and will and will run through December 27, 2011.

The North Pole Experience begins with families caroling on the Candy Cane Express which departs from the Molly Butler Lodge, a century old Greer mainstay.  Passing through the magic portal (see, I told you there was a magic portal involved), they reach the North Pole where they will enjoy a special interactive experience through Santa’s famous workshop and headquarters.

The elves then unlock the workshop’s massive wooden doors with the “secret elf knock”, and the real “work” begins!  The experience begins in Santa’s Toy Hall of Fame where children are greeted by Alibaster Snowflake (Santa’s master elf). The families are then whisked off to build toys with elves, attend the Elf University, snack on cookies and snowmen soup (cocoa) in Mrs. Claus’s bakery, and last but not least enjoy a private family photo session with Santa himself.  The adventure wraps up ornament-making and storytelling with Mrs. Claus back at Molly Butler Lodge.

What’s that you say?  How do you get to experience all this magical-Christmasy-awesomeness?  Well, one night cabin packages for a family of four start at $454, and by visiting the website at Packages include tickets to the North Pole Experience, dinner and “breakfast with Santa” at the award winning Molly Butler Lodge and accommodations in one of Greer’s charming woodland cabins situated on private lots. Cabins range in size– sleeping two to 18.  Single NPX tickets are available to be purchased online this year for the first time. Single adult tickets are $55, and tickets for children 18 months and up are $49.

Oh, but I said this was a GIVEAWAY – YES, yes it is.  One lucky SMB-reading family will win a Family Four-Pack to the North Pole Experience (value of $200+).  Read about what to expect at NPX, here.

In it to WIN IT:

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Giveaway ends Friday, October 28th. Winner is chosen randomly and will be announced here as soon as they’ve accepted the prize. Merry early Christmas, everyone!


  1. We are new to Arizona, and I have been wondering about this place! Our traditions definitely center around the weather (hot chocolate, sledding, etc) so this new desert landscape was stumping me. I think the magic portal straight to the NP sounds like a perfect way to counteract those cactus outside the window :)Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I have seriously wanted to do this for since I was a kid. Now that I have a child, I want to experience this with him for the first time. This sounds like so much fun!

    I have also friended NPX on FB and am following them on Twitter! Sure hope I win!

  3. On the first weekend of a good snowfall, we go north and build snow men. Other than that, we haven’t had an traditions, so this would be an amazing start to one!

  4. Our Holiday Traditions are have centered around food and family. I have always wanted to take the kids to the NPX, but never had the opportunity. Winning this would be awesome…thanks for posting this!

  5. I am a bit obsessed with Christmas! We even put up the tree and decorate Nov 1st every year! I have been wanting to experience this magical place for awhile and would love to take my daughter for the first time!! 🙂

  6. I am so excited to try the North Pole Experience. Now that my daughter is 3 I think she would really enjoy it. I ‘liked’ it on Facebook as well!

  7. oooh! This sounds so fun! What a great way to get away and enjoy the holidays. I would love to take my 3 girls for a girls trip on this one. I can just think of all the wonderful conversations we would have and it would be a great way to kick off the holiday season. So fun!

  8. I have heard about the North Pole Experience for years and finally our little boy is big enough this year to enjoy it (he just turned 2). He would LOVE LOVE it! It would be one last fun thing to do with just him before baby #2 comes along (Dec 30th).

  9. We would love to be able to take our twins to the North Pole!! This year will be the first year our twins who were born at 29 weeks will not be only feeding tubes or other medical help. We really want this Christmas to be the start of many family traditions and being able to take them to this would be a blast! We hope to win the family four pack!!!

  10. Our holiday traditions basically just consist of going to the in-laws and Zoo Lights….I have been wanting to do the NPX forever, so this would be a dream!

  11. My husband and I are trying to start some holiday traditions of our own with our two young children and this would be an amazing way to start! My son is amazed with the magic of christmas and Santa and this experience would be like a dream come true for him! , I also liked The North Pole Experience on facebook but have yet to figure out twitter! Haha

  12. This is awesome my kids would live this experience!! Every year we get elf on the shelf out 1st of dec and the kids wake up so excited to fund elf.

  13. I am a great grandmother…born and raised in Switzerland. Have a daughter and two grandchildren living in Scottsdale ( I am in California ). The Northpole Experience reminds me of my childhood …the magic of Christmas…..I would love to share it with my two little angels and give them a wonderful memory to, one day, pass down to their children. What a memorable Christmas this would be !

  14. We started a new family tradition last year, and one that we will keep up. Every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve we do at least one Christmas themed activity. it might be caroling. watching a Christmas movie, visiting Santa, or doing Christmas karaoke. It definitely helps everyone get in the spirit, and my two little girls (5 & 8) LOVE getting to choose what we will do each day. Getting a chance to take them into the heart of Santa’s workshop would be an over the top experience they will never forget (and neither would I) !

  15. Christmas is such a special time in our family. We decorate the day after Thanksgiving and the Xmas music gets turned on. Xmas is such an amazing time of year and the NPX would be such an amazing addition!

  16. Usually we have our entire family together at our house for the week leading up to Christmas. But this year will be different because we lost both my father and father-in-law in the last year. My mother-in-law will be here for the holidays and we are looking forward to just spending time together. We are hoping to go to the snow to help keep our minds off of our loss.

  17. Oh my goodness! This sounds so fun! I would love to get into the holiday spirit with the north pole experience. 🙂

  18. Our grandchildren would love the north pole experience .On christmas eve we tell the kids that santa is flying over new mexico or cal and they get so excited,Seth will tell jadain we have to go to bed so santa can come ,then they peek around the corner and try to see if he’s there . No year they stayed up untill 4am and fell asleep waiting next to the tree that was a fun time.

  19. I would love to add traditions to our little and hopefully growing family! So far we have baking and looking at lights…the NPX would be amazing!!

  20. I am a mother of two. Our Christmas tradition has always been about family…since my first child was born it has been tradition for my parents to come over early in the morning before the kids are awake so that they can see the kids faces when waking up and seeing what Santa has brought them. Every year we enjoy home made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. In the afternoon we meet up with the rest of our family members and just enjoy the day together. Last year a week before Christmas my daughter became very ill…I rushed her into the ER to find out she had spinal meningitis. The doctors told me my daughter wouldn’t make it and gave her 24 hours max…she proved them wrong! After 6 days in the hospital we were very blessed to bring her home on bed rest on Christmas eve…she was to sick to enjoy Christmas so this year I would love to be able to take her and my son to The North Pole experience and celebrate not only Christmas but life!

  21. This looks like a dream come true! Our family would love this! Making holiday memories is the best gift for a child!

  22. I grew up in NY where Christmas was always cold and snowy! I have lived in Az for 4 years now and have 2 little boys. I would love to share and experience like this with them. And show them what snow is and how I grew up! I appreciate contests like!! And of course I liked the page on Facebook!! Thanks again!!

  23. I love the holidays, but we haven’t started any traditions because our jobs have not permitted us to be off together for quite some time. I’ve been wanting to take my daughter to this and show her how real santa and his workshop is 🙂

  24. We are HUGE Christmas fans in our house! Two trees, 1 real and 1 fake because I just can’t give up the tradition of a real tree! 1 Santa Clause whimsy for the presents and 1 Designer Tree that matches our living room for the wow factor.
    Being Italian Christmas Eve is a big traditional holiday for us with a 7 fishes dinner every year. It’s the family and the memories from childhood that make Christmas special for us which we are now trying to create for our daughter. Although we may not do everything the same the core heritage and traditions have carried through. Whether it’s the 3 of us or 15 the traditions always stay. We are excited this year to have my family in town and share Christmas with them and friends.
    The only thing I do miss about Christmas, being in Arizona instead of the North East, is the Cold and Snow. Santa is meant for blistery cold, hot cocoa, cozy fireplace nights. The NXP is on our list of ‘must do’ for Christmas tradition whether we get there this year or next.

  25. I grew up in Arizona but live in San Diego now, it is such a dream of mine to take my 4 and 2 year old, they are such a great age for this! I grew up with strong holiday traditions and would love for them to do the same. Christmas is my MOST favorite time of the year….going to the North Pole is a dream come true 🙂

    I “liked” them on Facebook as well 🙂 I actually had already “liked” them hehe

  26. I am a stay at home mother of two little girls a 2 year old and a 4 month old. In my family Christmas has always been the one time that everyone would come together at my grandmothers house for a big meal and eachothers company I have always been very close with my family however this year we are 1700 miles away from my family in Florida and his family in Minnesota we moved to surprise az in january for my husbands work. No one in my family has been able to meet my newest addition. Not only do we not have family here with me being a stay at home mom its also hard to meet friends besides the occasional work friend of my husbands its just the four of us I have been trying to figure out how to make this year special and its just very hard because the most important part of our Chiristmas our familys will not be with us I would love for our kids the 2 year old especially to have a wonderful chiristmas filled with joy and wonder. I liked The North Pole Experience on FB and also sent out the tweet. Thank you for your consideration 🙂

  27. I have two boys (5 and 4). we are looking to start a new tradition for the 3rd time. The 1st tradition we started was with their grandmother on my side…she passed away when they were very little of pancreatic cancer. We then started a new tradition with their grandfather (also on my side)…he passed away a couple of weeks ago. The North Pole Experience will be a great memory and experience for the kids and hopefully part of our new tradition.

  28. We never go because I dont have money. But this is awesome my kids would live this experience!!. I actually had already liked NORTH POLE. THANKS FOR THE OPORTUNITY SCOTTSDALDALE MOMS BLOG

  29. Every year we drive North to the Grand Canyon to cut down a Christmas tree with a large group of people. My husband has been doing this since he was a child and we carry on the tradition for our kids (and ourselves too:). My oldest is 3 this year is already amped up for Christmas. I think this experience would add so much “magic” to the holidays for him.

  30. First off, I liked The North Pole Experience on Facebook. Now on to some of our family traditions. Each year we try and do some kind of service as a family for someone in need. Some years we buy gifts for the needy and years when money is tight, we give of our time and become more creative on what we can give. On Christmas Eve, we read the Christmas story in Luke 2 in the Bible and then we read Twas the Night before Christmas. After that each child gets to open one present before it is time to go to bed and wait for Santa Claus to come!!! So exciting!!

    If we were to win these tickets, my children would be SO excited!!! They have not had a hold lot in their life. We are finally in a healthy situation where life is getting better each day. This would make their Christmas unimaginable great!!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest!!

  31. I am a mother of three. Our Christmas tradition has always been about family…Christmas is such a special time in our family. We decorate the day after Thanksgiving and the Xmas music gets turned on. since my first child was born it has been tradition to put the presents under the tree early in the morning of Dec. 25 before the kids are awake and to see their faces when waking up and seeing what Santa has brought them is amazing. Every year we enjoy home made Tamales and hot chocolate for breakfast. In the afternoon we meet up with the rest of our family members and just enjoy the day together. They have seen the Polar Express movie and love it. I have heard about the North Pole Experience for years and finally our kids are big enough to take them. It would be wonderful if we can take them to the North Pole experience . I liked The North Pole Experience on Facbook. Thank you for your consideration

  32. Last year my little one was only 4 months, but we enjoyed Breakfast with Santa and the snowfall over the Quarter. Now that my daughter is old enough to understand what is going on around her it going to be a very exciting holiday! We would love to make NPX a tradition in our family. What a fantastic giveaway!

  33. We tried the Polar Express a few years ago and it was so fun but I’ve heard even better things about the NorthPole Experience! How cool would it be to win?!?

  34. We have a family tradition where we get together with all of our in town relatives (and some even come in from out of town) on Christmas eve for a HUGE 7 course dinner (an Italian tradition) and it is one of my favorite memories from growing up and I would LOVE to take my daughter for the North Pole Experience!

  35. Christmas is my family’s favorite holiday and we would love to win this giveaway and take our son to experience the North Pole for the very first time!! Would love to be able to put on winter clothes and sip on hot chocolate to warm up and spen time with my family! Hope we win! Thanks! 🙂

  36. Our traditions are kind of simple family dinner gathering. Last year was special bc I had my 1st baby last year in Sep and it was such a joy to spend my 1st Christmas w. him but he slept through most of it lol. This year he is going to be a year and change and I can’t wait to do so many special things with him. This would be so special to look back on and experiance w. him. Thanks for the oppertunity!

  37. I like North Pole Experience on Facebook-that’s what led my here.
    We are from the east coast and every year we travel back there for Christmas. Last year we got stuck in a blizzard. We decided that this year will be our very first year celebrating Christmas in AZ. We do not have any family here, as they are all back east. We thought the North Pole Experience would be a fabulous way to make this year special for our kids (2 & 6) since it will be a different experience for them-we want to make it one to remember.
    thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  38. One of our traditions is to get the kids matching pjs to wear on Christmas Eve. I believe that my kids are at the perfect age for NPX. My daughter is almost nine and starting to question Santa. I really want her to believe for a bit longer! We need the magic!

  39. Our family is blended and our traditions have centered around being together whenever we can, whether it’s actually on Christmas or sometime before or after. Our kids remaining at home now are 6 and 10 and both still love and believe in Santa. I asked them to make a Christmas list and each of them put down only one item they wanted and then whatever Santa could bring them after that. I was amazed , no giant list etc. so we decided to take them to the cold and (hopefully) snow in Greer. We had not heard of the North Pole Experience until this year. I had already made reservations for the 20th -22nd of November (as this was the only time we could all be together) as inexpensively as possible and then I looked up the tickets, wow!!! We would dearly love to win the giveaway as this is probably the last Christmas they will both believe and be excited about Santa. Thanks for the opportunity to try!! Merry Christmas:):)

  40. I just liked the North Pole Experience on FB! This is a great giveaway. My girls are 2 and 4 and I would love for them to experience this magical trip to the North Pole!

  41. Ever since the birth of my daugther last October [2010] my relationship withmy father, his wife and my younger brother has been so much stronger. We’ve all been able to get together probably 5 times in the past year in either Arizona or Philadelphia [where my dad is] or New Mexico [my brother lives.] This year we’re getting together early to mid december here in AZ but can’t be together for Christmas Day because my brother is headed to Afghanistan. it woudl be so great to spend time at the NPX creating a lasting Christmas memory. 🙂

  42. With a 2 and 3 year old, this is the first year I think they really sort of “get” what’s going on. Every year growing up, we made ginger bread houses with my mom and got to take them to school as a treat for our classes to munch on. I’m hoping to continue this tradition with my kids and make some of our own. As our little family grows and our extended family expands as well, it’s becoming more and more important to start our own family traditions. My brother hasn’t been able to spend the past two Christmases with us, and I think he’ll miss this year too. My sister is getting married in March, and so she’ll start to split her time at the holidays as well. I’m so thankful to have my own little family and so many fun things to do here in Arizona around the holidays (despite the heat!) First stop, the Polar Express…next stop, hopefully the North Pole Experience 🙂

  43. Since I am pregnant with my second child, I won’t be able to travel to see my family this year. We don’t have much family here and it would be great to get into the Christmas spirit with some actual snow. My two year old (and husband) would really love this!

  44. We started a tradition of going to the train in Globe last year and unfortunately it is not going to happen this year so we need to start this as a new tradition!

  45. I liked the North Pole Exerperince on Facebook. We went to Greer over the summer and talked about how cool it would be to come here every XMAS for a new family tradition. We would love to win this and start a new traidiition for our family each and every year

  46. Each year my son and I drive to Tucson to see my dad so we can go on the “Annual Christmas Tree Hunt” which really means that we scour an unheard of number of tree lots in search of the perfect one to ultimately end up back at the first lot picking up the first tree we found. All in all it takes a full day but it is great bonding time. It is something I have always done with my dad growing up and now I have a little one (who is now 3) to share it with!

  47. When I was little my parents would read to my sisters and me The Polar Express. Now that I have my own kids, I read it to them. We even watch the movie all year long, because they just can’t get enough of it. I would LOVE to be able to give them the opportunity to experience the real thing, and see the smiles on their faces as we make an amazing memory!

  48. This has been something I have ALWAYS wanted to do!! As a CHRISTMAS fanatic I am ALWAYS thinking of fun new traditions to start with my family!! Now that the girls are getting older I LOVE seeing the looks on their faces as this bright Christmas season starts to pop up all over the place 🙂

  49. My boys 3 and 5 would love to go to the north pole! My youngest boy thinks that the black train at the train park is the polar express. We watch the movie all year long. Would luv to start a tradition of going on polar express every year. Gina

  50. Well we just had Baby #2 and my oldest would love love love to meet Santa at The North Pole of course. We usually spend our holidays with our family and doing xmas eve and xmas day between relatives houses so doing the NXP around the holiday time would give our family of 4 time with each other and enjoying the fesivities of the season!!!!

  51. My children are at the right ages to enjoy this and really “get” the whole experience. I love the tradition of buying a tree, decorating it, and coming home every day to the smell of pine and twinkle of lights!

  52. We go to Christmas Eve mass and then have a special holiday dinner with the family. The next morning we wake up and open gifts and have a yummy homemade breakfast!

  53. This is the very first Christmas we will have in our own home in Arizona. The first with our complete little family of 4 – plus doggie 🙂 So looking forward to establishing our own traditions. But an AZ Christmas won’t have quite the same “wintry” feel that my Christmas’ of old did in Buffalo. It would be an awesome thing to get to share the magic of Christmas with my family at NPX.

  54. We have a beautiful white tree with lights that we put up every year (ok, I do most of the work). I get so excited to do this and I make sure to get a personal ornament for my children ever year as well. I have always wanted to do the North Pole Experience, but our budget is super tight and we could never afford to go. I find it important to teach our children all the different traditions and let them decide for themselves what they like and what they don’t like. If we got the opportunity to go, it will mean so much to us because they can experience a tradition that most of us only read about in books!

  55. Our family decorates the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve every year. I love to watch and listen as my children reminisce and discuss the previous Christmas. Every Christmas ornament has a story behind it. “I remember when we bought this one…” Christmas at our house has always been about making memories and the North Pole Experience is a place where many wonderful memories can be made. And of course the children would be thrilled to add an ornament to the tree that “We got from the North Pole.” 🙂

  56. We love Christmas!! Even more so this year since we now have our first child who will be one in January. She may be young for the NPX but we are looking forward to starting traditions this year that will last a lifetime!

  57. Hello!

    We “liked” the NPX page on Facebook! Thanks so much for running this fabulous contest. Looks like a really unique and FUN holiday outing for all!

    Happy early Christmas!!!


    Putnam Family ~ Jack, Julia, Brant & Karen <3

  58. I have been wanting to take my lil ones here! We usually do Christmas Day at home with our little family. We open presents in our pjs as soon as we wake up. Then we just lounge around all day, watching xmas movies, and drinking hot cocoa. The kids enjoy their new gifts..and my hubby and I enjoy watching them 🙂

  59. We went last year for the first time and my children had the best time… a year later they still talk about how much fun they had. We would love to make it a new family tradition. As a family each year with the grandparents on both sides and aunts and uncles, we all go to xmas mass on Xmas eve then on Xmas morning we all get together for breakfast and open presents and spend the entire day together. We did this as I grew up and have continued to do it with our children. I believe Christmas is about family and spending time with family.

  60. I believe my son would LOVE to see Santa and experience the North Pole in Greer!! Even though my son is 11 years old, which to a typical child is a little “old” for Santa, Ryan is not a typical child. He suffered a stroke before he was born, has survived two brain surgeries for seizures and another surgery for his arm to not be so tight and painful.
    For many years he didn’t understand what the whole “Santa” thing was about, but now he loves Christmas and of course presents! It would be a nice getaway from his normal routine which consists of weekly ocupational, speech and physical therapy along with numerous doctor appointments. It would be nice and relaxing to spend time away as a family and enjoy the “normal” things in life that most people take for granted.
    Thank you for you consideration and the time to read this..
    For my son, my hero … Ryan, love ya to the moon and back buddy!
    Tana-proud Mommy of Ryan

  61. I tweeted about the giveaway! We’ve been looking forward to taking our 3 kiddos but haven’t been able to yet. They would be so excited if we won!

  62. Our family traditions are still being formed. My family would always gather on Christmas Eve and open 1 present or more, have a fire and drink hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music. When I married my husband and until the birth of our second child, we still stayed at my parents’ house Christmas Eve. Now that we have 2 kids, we are wNting to build more traditions that are our own. The north pole experience would be a wonderful event to attend with our children as it will be something for our family and yet we can still encompass our extended families traditions.

  63. I grew up in AZ and I’ve never experienced a white christmas so my mom did her best to make our traditions as fun as possible. One thing she did since we were little is buy us an ornament each year. I do that with my three kids now and they really look forward to the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we go have a fun family dinner, have our photos taken with Santa and pick out their new ornament for the tree. Having a lot of special ornaments hanging up every year is a lot of fun!

  64. I’m a sentimental gal, so traditions are near and dear to my heart. My favorite is when the kids make a birthday card for baby Jesus and put it on the alter after mass on Christmas eve. We started this when my daughter was just about two and could “draw” her own card. Now, she is almost 8, and my son makes a card too.

    We also make a gingerbread house each year, and I am learning to let go of the perfection of it and just let them decorate it how they want. You would think I would learn to just by an extra one for me to decorate “perfectly”.

    Each year, we always make cookies. This year will be the first where we can include the cousins, 3&1 with us in getting a frosting and sugar headache! They love to dumb the sprinkles on, and they love to eat them up too! We always leave those homemade ones for Santa too!

  65. We don’t have any family here in town so our normal tradition is to travel back home. Since our little family is expanding, that may not be financially feasible in the future (it’s a must this year since our daughter hasn’t met the majority of the family yet.) It would be great to start a new tradition like NPX!

  66. As not a native to AZ Christmas is sometimes hard celebrating in short sleeves and sometimes even shorts. It is my most favorite holiday and we try to make it as special as we can for our family. Would love to add the North Pole experience this year and enjoy the chilly weather and fun memories

  67. We spend much of our holidays shuffling between extended family and would love to have some time as just our little family.. This would be a perfect getaway for us.. my little four-year-old would have the time of his life 🙂

  68. This will be my daughter’s third Christmas, and the first understanding the meaning of Christmas. We love to take her to look at the holiday lights in our neighborhood, drinking hot chocolate. We also love to decorate the house and Christmas tree as a family right after Thanksgiving while listening to Christmas music. It’s all about family for us! We have another baby on the way, and we would love to show our family a white Christmas this year! My daughter would LOVE the North Pole Experience to have a chance to meet Santa!!!

    p.s. I liked North Pole Experience on FB.

  69. I liked them on FB!! Like many others who are not natives to AZ, our family so misses the feeling of a white christmas! What a wonderful experience this would be during the holiday season!

  70. We very unexpectedly lost my mom on September 10th and are looking for new ways to celebrate the holidays this year and new traditions to start as we begin to move forward into our new journey. This would be a wonderful beginning and something that we can continue to do yearly. In previous years we begin decorating the outside of the house during the Thanksgiving weekend and have all of our decorations up by December 1st. We also welcome Friendly, our North Pole Elf, into our home the day after Thanksgiving. He’s our houseguest until Christmas Eve!

  71. My husband and I are newly married and the parents of a son. We each have great memories of the holidays growing up. For example, baking cookies with grandmother, going to the Christmas tree lot to pick out a tree as a family and having The Night Before Christmas read by grandfather. Not only do we want to pass some of our traditions onto our son but we also want to make new ones as a new family. The North Pole Experience would let my husband and I reminisce of the days growing up and allow our son to share in the magic of Christmas.

  72. I am a mother of three. Our Christmas tradition has always been about family…Christmas is such a special time in our family. We decorate the day after Thanksgiving and the Xmas music gets turned on. since my first child was born it has been tradition to put the presents under the tree early in the morning of Dec. 25 before the kids are awake and to see their faces when waking up and seeing what Santa has brought them is amazing. Every year we enjoy home made Tamales and hot chocolate for breakfast. In the afternoon we meet up with the rest of our family members and just enjoy the day together. They have seen the Polar Express movie and love it. I have heard about the North Pole Experience for years and finally our kids are big enough to take them. It would be wonderful if we can take them to the North Pole experience . I liked The North Pole Experience on Facbook. Thank you for your consideration

  73. With 3 little boys (6, 4, & 2) Christmas is a big deal! This would be such an amazing memory for them. Thanks for the chance!

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