Steph vs Joy | Pinterest Finds (Part I)


{Joy} Have you given much though to your online persona and a real-messy-just-your-average-day reality.  Are they the same?  Are they different?

I’m “friends” on facebook with a gal I know from high school. I may as well refer to her as “my nemasis.”  She is always on facebook talking about the boating outings she’s going on, trips they are taking, parties she’s going to and gifts she’s been given by her adoring husband.  She lost her baby weight in a rediculously quick manner and I can only compare myself to her all-too-perfect-life.  (So, I hid her.)  As my husband says “her life is perfect for Facebook.”  Surely she has bad days.  She must struggle with something, right? Life can’t be that perfect, can it?  Of course not.

Steph and I along with the other SMB contributors have done our best to be authentic with you. But, we understand that there are plenty of things we don’t share here, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and, that’s right even, Pinterest.

What I love about Pinterest is that it gives you a visual representation of each person.  We all create the perfect fairy land of ideas and dreams.  Things to give, things to get, things to make our homes more homey and things that simply make us smile!

I decided to search Steph’s Pinterest boards to share with you what she’s pinned that is truly authentic to her.  And, who better to be the judge than a dear friend?  (Don’t worry, she’s going to do the same thing to me.)

Without further ado, we are cutting through our online persona’s in hopes that you get to see the reality.  Here are the items that Steph had pinned on her boards that I “This is SO STEPH”:

The first image is a DIY frame art with child’s name, birthdate and stats:

(Here’s the link to the etsy shop this image came from.)

Why this is “SO STEPH”: Steph loves more than anything to give great gifts.  And, because of that passion, she is a fantastic gift-giver.  This was found in her board called “Gifts” because she is thoughful like that and is always looking for new fun ways to love on her friends and family.

This image is a work station that has been created out of a closet:

Here’s the link to the original blog post about how to DIY this nifty little spot.

Why this is “SO STEPH”: Steph has something almost identical (and actually a little bit cuter) in her own home and types messages to Scottsdale Moms sitting at her computer just like this image show.  I just think it’s funny.  And, such a “her” thing to do and a me thing to copy!

Here is a sleek-looking family calendar:

(Sadly, the original link was broken.)

Why this is “SO STEPH”: This girl uses a calendar more than anyone I know.  (Remember her post about keeping up with birthdays and keeping the art of snail mail alive?  Brilliant.)  Something about the purple and chalkboard paint and fancy handwriting also reminds me of her.  Super-inspiring.

Grace is a way to live:

(Originally posted in this collection of sayings.)

Why this is “SO STEPH”: I’m sure that working for the author of the book “Grace-Based Parenting” can give a person some great insight into offering God’s grace to others.  (Yes, she works for him.)  Steph is very intentional to be gracious to those around her and can quickly turn a nasty fact about something or someone into a reason to love them.

Waffle Bar complete with matching decor:

(Waffle bar how-tos.)

Why this is “SO STEPH”: Steph will not throw a party unless it has a theme and a color scheme.  I didn’t know what it meant to throw a party until we entered babyshower season together.  (Yes, you want her to throw you a party.  It will be the best you’ve EVER had!)

Letters on the wall

(Here’s the link to the etsy shop this comes from.)

Why this is “SO STEPH”: The girl likes letters and making them pretty.  What else is there to say – pretty letters always make me think of her.

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar a la mode:

(Here’s the link to make this naughty yummyness.)

Why this is “SO STEPH”: I’m willing to bet good money that if you were to go over to Steph’s home for dinner tonight she would have all the ingredients to make this decadent diet-wrecker.

Check back and see what Steph has to say about my Pinterst finds that are “so” me!



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