Steph vs Joy | Pinterest Finds (Part II)


This is Part II of our Steph vs Joy | Pinterest Finds post.  Be sure to go back and read Joy’s post where she highlights her board “this is SO Steph”.


{Steph} Like Joy I too love to scour people’s Pinterest pins as I feel like it gives me such a unique glimpse into their lives.  It’s as if they are all inviting me over to spend hours in their kitchen/laundry rooms/ gardens/closets/libraries/craft corners.

So let’s get right to it…here’s a quick little snapshot of Joy’s sweet mind (and heart for that matter)…

The first image is an Etsy Print

Here’s the link to Etsy shop this print is from.

Why this is SO JOY :: One (of the many) things I love about Joy is that we couldn’t be more different in how we manage our schedules.  As you saw this morning I love nothing more than a full (very detailed) weekly calendar.  Joy on the other hand loves the flexibility of being able to stay home if she wants. Or go shopping with her family (yes – I did just say that) on a moment’s notice.

Upon seeing this Etsy print on pinterest I immediatly thought that is SO how Joy operates.  I can say with much confidence that simply spending time with Joy I’ve learned much about the art of “wasted” time (that it isn’t really wasted).

This next image is a collage of hair style photos

Here’s the link to the wedding site where you can find all sorts of beautiful hair styles

Why this is “SO JOY” :: Joy’s hair is hands-down BEAUTIFUL.  Part of what I love about it is that she’s always trying fun new hairstyles.  I totally envy this as my (crazy) curly hair has about two…maybe three…hair style options.  Joy on the other hand has about a billion. Work it girl!

This image is a book Joy has on her must-read list. 

Here’s the Amazon link for this book.

Why this is “SO JOY” :: One of the words I use to describe Joy is intentional. Upon seeing this on her pinterest boards I was reminded of how being intentional in our parenting is so very important.  Thanks Joy for the constant reminder to be intentional in my interaction with my girls!

This next image is a super cute art project/gift idea.

{Insert Super Sad Face}. The original link was broken for this uber cute craft idea. Boo.

Why this is “SO JOY” :: Around December 1st I start thinking about what I’m going to buy (or make) for various Christmas gifts.  For the past two years (since having children) Joy has been so great about making homemade and very thoughtful gifts.  This pin reminded me of that great quality of Joy’s.

Next check out these super cute cowboy boots. 

You can find these (and lots of other) gorgeous boots online at

Why this is “SO JOY” :: About a month ago Joy went on a {feminine} cowboy boot pinning spree.  All of sudden one day I logged into pinterest and saw dozens of boots covering my screen.  As I describe her in our Meet Joy & Steph page , Joy is a southern girl turned suburban mom.

In fact, oftentimes Joy reminds me of the country song by Brooks and Dunn “You Can’t Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl” (yes – I did just reference a country song – hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone.)  Joy loves a good BBQ, line dancing and nice pair of cowboy boots, obviously.  🙂 Love that about her!

Next up – this Chronicles of Narnia type Bookshelf

You can find out more about this bookshelf at this link.

Why this is “SO JOY” :: This is SO JOY in a couple ways.  First – it’s a massively loaded bookshelf.  Joy and her hubs, Kevin, LOVE to read. I mean LOVE.  With the exception of the Twilight series which she didn’t even finish (so sad), she’s already read more books than I’ll read in my liftetime.

The second component of this pin that is “SO JOY” is that it immediately made me think of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia).  There’s nothing Joy loves more than a fantasy novel.  I certainly would not put it past her to add one of these bookshelves into her home someday.  If so I’m going to invite myself over and hide in it for a day (or two).  🙂

And last – but not least – A beautiful image of a tree swing.

Image from the

Why this is “SO JOY” :: I chose this as the last pin that is “SO JOY” because I can picture Joy using something like this in so many capacities.  I can picture her reading a fantasy novel to her two children while they swing away “wasting time.”  I can picture her and I having a glass of wine/coffee in her backyard talking about anything from parenting to all of you lovely SMB ladies.  And I can certainly picture her reading a novel of her own choosing during naptime on a tree swing just like this.


So have we hooked you on Pinterest?

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  1. Oh, what fun! Thanks, Steph! And, in my defense, re: Twilight – I just couldn’t get over the whole Edward wants to kill/bite Bella every time they are close and all I could think about was NOT wanting my daughter to be in such an unhealthy relationship!!!

    I’m in love with Pinterest and I am excited to announce that it has already enhanced our lives and given me some amazingly fun ideas for things around my home! <3 Thanks Steph for adding your little two cents!


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