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Sometimes I sit here at my computer wondering what to write about for my bimonthly SMB post and I think, “nah, that’s too obvious – all Scottsdale moms already know about THAT…”. Except how many times have you shared a tip or secret with a local mama only to have her say, “No WAY! I had no idea that Chick-fil-A swaps out the toys for a free ice cream!?” (thanks for that one, Joy). Or, even better, how many times have you been the mom receiving the inside scoop? This is how we share our insights, our stories, our secrets and our local knowledge. So here is mine today – most of you may know this already, but if even one of you doesn’t, I’ve done my job… 🙂

Kid to Kid*

What it is: Children’s resale – clothing, gear, toys, books, etc. PLUS a great selection of new (i.e., not used) stuff including the BEST selection of baby and toddler girls hair accessories anywhere.

Where it is: Kid to Kid has FIVE Valley locations. The one I go to is is at Tatum & Thunderbird.

Why you should go: Imperceptibly-used clothes, shoes and toys for prices that allow you to outfit your kids for a whole season and still have cash to go to Chick-fil-A for lunch (and free ice cream) afterward. You can also sell your used stuff to Kid to Kid for cash or store credit. The stores are impeccably organized and kid-friendly, and the stuff they sell has been combed through by a very selective staff, so if you’ve been turned off by other resale or thrift-store shopping experiences, don’t let that stop you from trying this one out.

* Kid to Kid has nothing to do with me, SMB or this post. I’m seriously just sharing the love here. 🙂

Like any thrift- or resale shop, you have to stop in often to get the greatest finds. Some days you might walk out empty-handed and others, like my most recent visit, you might make a major score. If you’re the type who gets that little adrenaline surge when you find a killer deal (what? just me?), this place will not disappoint.

My most recent trip to Kid to Kid started out innocently enough. I needed t-shirts for my 16-month-old. I’ve also been in the market for an inexpensive single stroller for a while now and always like to see what they have to offer in the gear department. I did not anticipate that I would walk out with this, a Step 2 playhouse that retails for $319.00 at Target, for which I paid $139:

Or THIS, a Graco stroller I could have sworn was brand new, which retails for $79.99 at Babies R Us, for which I paid $27:

I dropped almost $170 dollars that day, which sounds kind of crazy, until you add it all up:

  • Above-mentioned playhouse, where my children have been ever since ($139)
  • Above-mentioned stroller, which I’ve used daily since we got it ($27)
  • Six t-shirts for Reid ($1.50-$3.50 each)
  • Two pairs of cargo pants for Reid ($3-4 each)
  • One pair of barely-worn Stride Rite shoes ($7)
  • 20% off my entire purchase because I happened to have filled up my stamp card on my previous visit (a happy coincidence, but I have to say it had me high-fiving the cashier when I realized my good luck)

So there it is: my money-saving, kid-shopping, deal-grabbing tip of the day. Some of you are likely saying, “DUH! Totally knew that already!” but maybe a few new mamas (or new-to-town mamas) out there are yet unwise to ways of Kid to Kid. It is for them that I provide this public service announcement. 🙂

Do you shop at resale or thrift stores for your family? Have you scored any fantastic deals lately? 


  1. Kid to Kid can be good if you are looking to get something for a fairly reasonable price, however sometimes its not the best place to go. It seems like whenever I take my things there to sell they offer me hardly anything at all. For instance I once took some of my sons shoes there. They were all in good…some great condition and they wanted like 5 or 6 pairs of them plus one onesie and offered me like $5 total. I was like what?!? I just left because it was like they were trying to rape me of my good condition things without having to pay for it.
    Another time I went in I brought in toys and one was a working vacuum, when I left the vacuum was suddenly not working so I opened the back of the toy up when I got home and they had stole the batteries!!! That upset me a little bit, so if I were to ever do a review on them.. I would not be so nice.

    • Sometimes it can be hit-or-miss. I think it is important to know that they all have different owners. Each one is run a bit differently. I’ve found some great treasures there. 🙂


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