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Favorite "Me-Time" Activities from a recent Facebook Poll

A couple months ago I read an article by a stay-at-home mom who was told that she must have a lot of time for herself since she stays home and that  ” you don’t do much all day, do you?”.


Being a stay-at-home mom, in my opinion, gives a whole new definition to the word mom. Although, yes, in general, motherhood is a 24/7 job, being a stay-at-home mom takes this to a new dimension. Not that being a working mom is any easier. They, too, have their own share of difficulties and I have no interest in deciding who has the harder task in terms of parenting. I do fully recognize that both sides are equally difficult.

Regardless of your current “mommy-title”, it is critical we all embrace one very important factor: Me-time.

In my two short years of mommy-hood I’ve certainly learned the value (and art) of these two sweet little words.  However, I’m not gonna lie – it’s hard, right? For one, we have a lot on our plate with child rearing, cooking, tending to the house, trying to make money, etc (and, no, we’re not really complaining, right).  Getting out to do a little something for myself oftentimes seems nearly impossible.

Nonetheless, it’s necessary! How can we be efficient and effective mamas, if we are not kind and caring to ourselves too?

In honor of this very important aspect of our lives, EverSave has partnered with Scottsdale Moms Blog to give TWO of our lucky readers a voucher for today’s EverSave deal – a Shellac manicure and Lacquer pedicure from The V Spot (on sale today on EverSave – $30 for a $75 value). The perfect Mommy “Me-Time” package!!!

Like all of our giveaways, you have to do a little something…
In it to WIN IT:

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1. COMMENT: Comment here telling us what you like to do for mommy “me-time”

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Giveaway ends Tuesday, September 20th, 2011. Winner is chosen randomly and will be announced here as soon as they’ve accepted the prize. Good luck, everyone!


  1. When I have “me-time”, I like to do anything from wondering around Target peacefully, to going to get my hair done!

  2. I love getting pedicure and a Starbucks while I get to close my eyes with out the worry of my little man getting into something or having to chance him down. 35-40 mins of not having to worry about my little guy and getting my feet rubbed at the same time…Yes please!

  3. My me time usually includes going to the store alone or just watching what I want to watch on tv when my kids are sleeping!

  4. I like to have a full conversation with a friend, even if its just on the phone. An uninterrupted convo makes a world of difference for me feeling like a normal human.

  5. On a bad day when I can’t get away, even going to the bathroom counts as me time :)! During nap time, cleaning in peace or going on the computer is a welcome break. I do love pampering anytime, as well. Getting my nails or hair done makes me feel renewed and refreshed!

  6. I have an 8 month old, so I haven’t come to fully appreciate the value of Me-Time just yet. Since she has started crawling and getting in to everything lately, I have a feeling that I will soon be begging for some Me-Time! I’m in desperate need of a haircut so that would be some welcome Me-Time!

  7. I usually opt for the pedicure or shopping for some me time but lately it’s been requesting an empty house! Here are the kids honey, take them to McDonalds, the mall, etc and let me have some down time. Bubble bath, jammas, you name it – house to myself kind of time.

  8. For “me time” I like to grab a coffee and just walk around Target or my favorite resale/vintage shop. Usually don’t have money to buy, but I enjoy getting away!

  9. When I get “me-time” I love to go get a pedicure and relax without worrying that my little miss is getting into something. Another favorite is walking the mall and actually getting to use the escalator (never realized the things I took for granted before I owned a stroller 🙂

  10. Me time…having lunch with my bestie where I can just sit and relax. Maybe even a glass of wine…as opposed clearing the “zone”…every cup has a lid and a straw, place mat stuck to the table, me crawling on the ground making sure we didnt leave a mess. Oh and a bonus mani or pedi…sounds lovely!

  11. My mommy me time, when I am blessed to enjoy some, is usually grabbing a coffee and enjoying some sort of spa treatment… one that I found on groupon or another great discount site.

  12. I love to just sit and read a good book without any interruptions or wandering Fashion Square mentally re-designing my house and wardrobe 🙂

  13. I love to be able to go grocery shopping for my mommy me time! I love to take my time and just look at stuff!

  14. Usually, a date night with the hubs. Me-time tends to be running to the store for the few items we need for dinner. I could really do with a few hours to myself.

    Also, linked to FB and tweeted.

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