City Moms Blog Network Webinar – September 24th



Since launching Scottsdale Moms Blog last year, we’ve had so many women ask us how they could do the same thing in their own communities.  Because of these inquiries, we started asking ourselves – why not!?  We are so passionate about getting people connected in their local communities that we thought what better way than to partner with other local mama’s in their local blogging adventures!


City Moms Blog Network partners with local mom bloggers around the United States. Our sister sites showcase information about what’s going on in the lives of moms who live in their respective communities.  We know that it’s difficult to get out and meet other moms when naps, eating and potty-training are calling for your attention.  These sites are our little attempt to make the world feel smaller and to encourage you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Our sister site bloggers are working moms, stay at home moms, city moms, suburban moms, and rural moms—but, most of all, they are local moms. Check out our Sister Site blogs by clicking on the links below.



Interested in starting your own City Moms Blog Network Sister Site? Or do you know of someone that might be interested?


We’d love to partner with you!


If you know of a mommy blogger (or just a mom that might be interested in blogging) that lives somewhere other than the Phoenix area – send them our “Start a Sister Site” link.

We’re currently accepting registrations for our next SMB Media Group Webinar on September 24th (note: this is a date change from our previous post) from 1-3 (PST).  During this Webinar Joy and I will cover the logistics of setting up a SMB Sister Site, Content Management, Working with Local Businesses and Event Planning basics.  At the end of the webinar attendee’s will have the opportunity to move forward with partnering with us as a City Moms Blog Network Sister Site.



Please email [email protected] for more information.


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