Kids’ Classes in Phoenix – Music Together


If you have been thinking about signing up for a mommy and me class to check out with your child (or children), I want to recommend Music Together  as one of the best kids’ classes around (click on the link for more info).

If I was a Music Together teacher writing this article, I would be able to tell you about all the great ways the music helps foster early childhood development and how different tonal patterns effect their brains, etc. But I am not, so these are the reasons why I really like the classes, in addition to all those other good parts:

–  My two year old and my five year old twins can all attend the class together. There are very few programs that I can take all my kids to and that we can all enjoy without anyone feeling excluded. This is huge for me. The classes I attend range in age from birth to five.

– Compared to other mommy and me classes, Music Together classes are less expensive per class than comparable programs, which can get pricey, especially if you have more than one child.

– The teachers are wonderful at Music Together and go out of their way to include each child, really helping them come out of their shell and be involved in the class. All three of my children have different personalities, but all three enjoy the class for different reasons, be it the instrument play, dancing around or the fun songs.

The sign up for classes for this fall is already underway, with new classes starting in September. Call your local Music Together to try out one free class—you and your child will be singing “Hello Everybody, so good to see you” before you know it!

Do you have another favorite mommy and me class I should try out with my kids? I would love to write about other great places we haven’t tried yet!


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