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As moms it’s easy to feel as if you’re going through this mommy adventure alone, when in actuality there is a community of women that have all felt the same way at various points in their motherhood journeys!


That’s one of my favorite parts about blogging! We can all share our experiences with one another and be encouraged that we are not alone.  Even if you’re sitting at your computer by yourself reading this post, you can be assured that there are plenty of other local mamas doing the exact same thing and struggling with the same things you’re struggling with right now.

Now if you’ve been reading SMB for the past year you’ve probably read at least one of our two Belly Diaries posts.  I know personally for me it’s been so fun to be able to walk alongside both Brittany and Michelle as they experienced their first pregnancies. The excitement and curiosity is simply contagious. You can’t help but enter into their joy.

Here’s where YOU come in: we have TWO Guest Blogger spots reserved for a local mama who is a 1) newly pregnant first time mama OR who is a 2) single mom.  Here’s your chance to write for SMB and get our awesome community of commenters to weigh in!

The Details:
:: Send your blog address OR send two (2) articles that you have written to [email protected].

:: Please also include an explanation of why you’d like to be a SMB Guest Blogger.

:: Both Pregnant Mama and Single Mom will be asked to write one post per month for an agreed upon period of time

:: This is a volunteer position.

All LOCAL bloggers are welcome! Here is your chance to share your love for our community and the moms in it! We look forward to hearing from YOU!


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