Indoor Play at the JCC| Recap


This past Tuesday, while the sun beat down on all of us outside, we along with 50+ families stayed nice and cool inside the Jewish Community Center.

We (and our kids of course) enjoyed face painting, balloon art, Jungl Jill and her amazing animals (I got to see a chinchilla for the first time in real life), a bounce house, a craft and tons of friends to play with!

Our hosts, the Scottsdale Parenting Group were there to help moms connect in more intimate settings outside our large-group-style gatherings. We have moms who are new to the area or new as moms who come to our Playtime activities hoping to connect with other women.  We’ve seen some AMAZING friendships form through these hang-outs, but we know that we can’t sit down and grab a coffee with all of you sweet ladies.  (Even though we’d just LOVE to…)

Yesterday ,we talked about connecting through one program that will meet at Scottsdale Bible Church starting in September, but if you’d like another choice, the Scottsdale Parenting Group is an excellent option. They have a variety of classes for you to meet moms with kids the same age as your own.  Here’s a peek at what they are offering this fall:

Infant Class (Pregnancy to One Year):
This class covers a variety of topics of interest to a new mother. Examples include social and emotional development, feeding, attachment and bonding, infant firsts, brain development and the promotion of successful sleep habits.

Toddler Class (Ones & Twos):
Mobility, asserted independence and exploration are under way! This class focuses on topics such as nutrition, napping, potty training, moving from the crib into a bed, preschool selection, social interaction and behavioral guidance.

Pre-School Class (Threes & Fours):
Education, play, socializing, eating habits and developmental milestones are discussed.  Parents learn tools to guide their children through this discovery and transitional stage, while continuing to help build self-esteem.

Pre-K/Early Elementary Class (4 to 6 years):
Parents discuss early school experiences, family parenting styles, academic expectations, peer relationships and develop a variety of positive discipline strategies.

Continued Parenting Class (6 years & up):
Parents will learn and discuss the various milestones and challenges of raising a child. 
Topics might include school issues such as bullying, peer social relationships, drugs and making healthy choices but will vary based on the needs and composition of the class.

If you’d like to sign up for their classes, they start in September and meet at the Jewish Community Center.  Contact Brooke at [email protected]


Joy is the Co-founder of Scottsdale Moms Blog and absolutely loves living in Scottsdale with her hubby Kevin, their daughter Reagan (born August 2009) and their son Elliot (born May 2011).  She is a lover of nature, a research analyst on all things related to life, a home manager, a crafty art-eest, Chief Marketing Officer for Cactus CrossFit, mommy, daughter and friend.


  1. Oh Joy – so glad we’re doing this together! I’m totally laughing at the “Sword Fight” in the bottom left-hand corner. Too funny (and witty)!!!

  2. What a fun morning!!! My girls loved it and are trying to still convince Daddy to get them a chinchilla! LOL. Love being a part of such a fun group of Moms! 🙂


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