Sticky Situations | Guest Blogger Opportunity!


Last month we ran a hugely popular series on Sticky Situations … you know, all those times where you’re not quite sure what is the “right” thing to do, or where you feel like you’re breaking some kind of unspoken rule (and where exactly is the mommy rule book anyway??). We talked about playground etiquette, breast vs. bottle, mother-in-law relations and more, and the discussions in the comments were as revealing as the posts themselves.

There were SO many topics that came up that we decided to run a second installment in the series – a whole week of awkward mommy moments and “what’s a momma to do?” scenarios. Disciplining in public! Toddler tantrums! Other people’s annoying kids! This could get controversial, ladies! 🙂

And here’s where YOU come in: we’ve got a Guest Blogger spot reserved for a local mama with a sticky situation of her own. Is there something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest? A seemingly lose-lose scenario you can’t figure out how to handle? Here’s your chance to publish a post on SMB and get our awesome community of commenters to weigh in on your dilemma!

The Details:
:: Read through our series from earlier this month to get a sense for the theme and structure
:: Submit a post of your own to [email protected] by midnight on Saturday, August 6
:: We will select our favorite and publish it as part of the series (we’ll let you know before we do)
:: Posts should be original and written specifically for this opportunity
:: All LOCAL bloggers are welcome! Whether you’ve guest posted for us before or are a newbie, it’s all good!

Can’t WAIT to read your submissions!


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