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I don’t know how many of you out there are like me in this regard or not, but I tend to stress about the unknown. I don’t care for surprises, I love knowing what I am getting myself into. But what about situations you have no control over??? YIKES, I don’t like them AT ALL! So, that being said- my family is moving. Not a move from 85254 to 85260, but from ARIZONA to WASHINGTON. If that didn’t give me enough things to think about, we had a total of 2 weeks to pack and prepare, AND my hubby and I are driving in separate vehicles. My man will be in the moving truck, and I will be following in the van with both kids- ON MY OWN.

How do you even prepare for such a thing? I wanted to give you a little peak into the before and after of our move and we’ll see how it goes?!

This is how I have prepared for the big day…

A week before the big day I set out a weeks worth of clothes for each of us so that I could pack everything else. I packed a Rubbermade storage box full of toys to entertain during the days of packing. I packed a box for the car for each child, full of books, toys, crafts for my older child, all vehicle safe things.

My thoughts for the road trip (23 hours, broken up into 2 days of driving) were to prepare and pack all the food and snacks we would want to eat so that our bodies wouldn’t be fighting with foods we weren’t used to during a long drive (we almost never eat fast food.) We plan on leaving at 4AM each day so that the kids will hopefully sleep for the first few hours, and then be at our destination before dinner time to allow for some playtime and good bedtimes. We bought walkie talkies in case we had no cell phone reception in some more remote parts of the drive to coordinate potty breaks and getting gas.

But even with all of that planning there are still some fears I have and some things I am apprehensive about. Things like: do I have ENOUGH to keep them entertained? Will I have to stop to nurse EVERY 2 hours? Will they cry the entire drive? Will my hubby and I lose each other along the way? What about accidents- do I have enough extra clothes for my newly potty trained toddler? What if we have car trouble?

I know that people do this kind of thing every day and that we can bear anything for 2 days, but I still hope I have thought of all I need!

So, let me hear it from you more experienced mom’s out there, have you had to move since having kids? What would you do to prepare?



Jess Fischer is a Phoenix native who is happily married to her very best friend Lukas. She has two beautiful babies (15 ½ months apart!!) her son Parker and her daughter Piper. She has a love for most things domestic- be it cooking, sewing, crafting, or gardening although she has never enjoyed cleaning (oh well!) She loves saving money and views it as a game that she is constantly trying to win. She enjoys spending time with her family above all else. She recently started her own businessand loves keeping friends and family up to date with her life on her family blog.




      • Megan- Oh it was a bittersweet move for sure! So sad to leave all of the familiar faces but so excited for the adventures ahead. I will still be contributing to the blog through the end of the year 🙂


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