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One of my favorite mommy blogs, BecomingMom, has a series entitled “Mommy SOS” where she asks her readers to give their insight into various mommy-matters. I’ve always loved these posts as I feel like all of the comments are always so helpful – not just for the blogger themselves but for anyone who reads the blog!

So in honor of helping one another, here’s another Mommy SOS post 🙂

I’ve seen a TON of Facebook “chatter” lately about diaper bags so I thought that might be a perfect Mommy SOS topic.

Here are my thoughts and then we’ll get to YOU…

{Steph}. Confession time.  I’ve actually already had two diaper bags in my two years of mommy-hood.  Is that bad? 🙂

Here’s my diaper-bag “journey.”  My very first diaper bag was the Skip Hop Studio bag (in Champagne).  I honestly loved everything about this bag and it was a wonderful bag for nearly 2 years (tear).  But when it was time to prepare for #2 I knew I was going to want and need a new bag.  I wanted a new bag b/c a diaper bag is like a moms purse really and I don’t know if I’ve ever carried around a purse for more than a year… so it was long overdue. 🙂  And I needed a new bag simply I needed a backpack so I could have my two hands free for my two girls.  If you’ve ever met Ms. Nora, you probably noticed that I have a little girl that one might think drinks caffeine instead of water:) So I decided on a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack.  And so far so good…I only have great things to say about both bags.

Now I know some of you are a bit comment squeamish…But – here’s your opportunity to shine! I want to know what diaper bag(s) you’ve had, would recommend, have your eye on, etc.  Spill it….


Steph is the Co-founder of Scottsdale Moms Blog and Social Media Director for Family Matters. She is mamma to Nora (July 2009) and Elsie (May 2011) and wife of Alan.  She loves shopping for great deals, wearing funky jewery and spending loads of time with friends.  Steph gets a kick out of multitasking and loves nothing more than throwing a good party. You are always welcome to e-mail Steph at [email protected].



  1. I LOVE my Skip Hop bag too! There are plenty of pockets that all seem to be the perfect size for separating all of the essentials! I love the color and the pink piping. Just because Parker is a boy doesn’t mean I have to have a diaper bag that announces it! But even with the pink piping it is neutral enough that if my husband doesn’t want to repack his own bag he can grab this one and go! This is my husband’s bag. I got it for him for father’s day last year.

  2. I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom as well and I love it! I do have to confess, though, that sometimes I like using the black freebie we got in the
    mail for short trips. It’s sometimes easier to have a smaller bag. Although, the Petunia bag has the backpack feature, which is nice.

  3. I have the same Petunia bag as the one displayed above and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is extremely convenient to have the changing pad attached with the pockets for diapers and wipes located nearby as well. It is easy to clean because of the material and I am never worried about damaging it. I love that there is ample space within the bag to store my daughters “stuff” and mine as well. I also like having the option to use it as a backpack or as a satchel! Other than the price this is a perfect bag! We also have the Skip Hop backpack This is a great bag because it is light, daddy friendly and also had a great deal of storage. Again I LOVE my P.P.B. but the Skip Hop is great if I just have to run to the market with her and don’t need EVERYTHING.
    Just as a side note…did you ever think growing up that you would have so much to say or truly care about diaper bags?!? Gotta love being a mom 🙂

  4. I have been through so many… I love change and I never pay full price for them so I justify that with being okay to buy a new one!
    I started out with a really cute teal toille handmade one from Etsy. It was a backpack and I really liked it since I was recovering from a C section and was learning how to manage an infant carrier it was GREAT! Of course I still have it and use it for overnights 🙂 It snapped closed, you could access the bag from a zipper in the back, two bottle pockets and some inside pockets too! It was SO fun and SO girly!!

    Next I found a 195$ designer bag at Babysyle for 90% off when the store closed… a $20 bag YES PLEASE 🙂 It was nice and big, Four pockets on the outside and three on the inside but sadly even though it was a designer bag the seams tore in the bottom of one of the bottle pockets and the childcare name tag (magic marker written on masking tape) pulled the silver off the pretty straps… ugh! SO glad I didn’t pay HALF the price it was!! Like this only red

    When I got pregnant with #2 I wanted to get a lightly used Petunia! I found one on Amazon after trying to bid 4 times on ebay! I LOVED the option of backpack or shoulder bag. I also loved that the changing pad would unzip and fold out for quick changes!! Even the velcro seemed to hold one great! BUT I had to wash it because a bajillion ants were crawling in it… YIKES!! Darn those sugar ants and it broke down the body. So it didn’t sit supported on my shoulders instead it pulled and really made them ache! Looking back on it I would go with the boxy style that cleans easily and has a good structure to it.. mine was fabric so it didn’t hold up as well 🙂×84

    Finally I just recently got the Skip Hop for Christmas! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it… We started cloth diapering so I needed a bigger bad! The metal on the bottom keeps it clean when setting it down. The straps are comfy, there are SO many wonderful pockets including a bacteria free zipper pockets for wet bags and swim suits 🙂 It has 6 pockets on the inside and one zipper. I have NOTHING bad to say about this lovely thing. I wear it with my sunday best and my swimsuit! One of my favorite features is it comes with stroller straps so you can clip each side to your stroller and not have to carry it!!! I used a Buy Buy Baby coupon and got it for a great price 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE it… I prefer to use it even when I DON’t have the babies with me 🙂

    Of course my dream bag I ALMOST bought this summer! This is the bag I have ALAWYS wanted… for the last 4 years!!! BUT am now continuing to save for it… haha call me crazy but I LOVE it 🙂

    For me turning a regular purse into a diaper bag just doesn’t work as well.. you really appreciate those bottle pockets more than you know 😉 If you are a person who likes to mix things up and change for new designs then I don’t recommend an expensive one…. my little sister wasn’t SOLD on this… so she got it for 35$ and she LOVES it!!

    Diaper bag shopping is SO much fun!!! Don’t stress about it.. enjoy it 🙂

  5. I have the PPB Sashay Satchel in Moonlit Moments. I love it! It’s my favorite PPB because the flap on the other design bugs me. I love that it can be a backpack too. I had a Caden Lane Messenger in Brown and Pink for my girls. It was super cute, too.


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