Popsicles Just for Mommy


Well, I guess it’s official:  summer is here.  My summer angst isn’t too different than most moms’…what do I do with the kids, what will the electric bill be in July, and how on earth am I going to go out in public in my bathing suit?

I’ve come to accept the reality that the days of being able to eat anything I want with no consequences ended a decade ago.  So I’m looking for ways to trick myself into getting something I’m craving without paying for it later.  I’m pretty excited about this new one.

Take one ready-to-drink protein shake (my fave is from Arbonne because they don’t use any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors) and blend it with some fresh or frozen fruit (I used one banana).  When I did this at home it made a serving the perfect size to fill 6 popsicle molds.  Ta-da, a Frozen Chocolate Banana that’s less than 50 calories, and has over 3 grams of protein.*  It totally feels like I’m eating something I shouldn’t and cost me less than a dollar.

They seriously taste good enough that I had to run off the kids.  That part was easy:  “Mom, what’s that?”…”It’s a protein pop.”…”Oh.  Can I have a cookie?”

Next I’m going to try Vanilla Blackberry–Costco has bags of frozen organic blackberries right now.

Now it’s your turn!  Do you have a low-calorie treat to share with the rest of us SMB ladies?  Don’t keep it to yourself.

*these stats are based on using a Chocolate Protein Shake from Arbonne International.  Other brands of shakes will have different nutritional value.


Stephanie C. is a wife and mom to three kids ages 5-10.  She is blessed to stay at home and be a “full-time” mom but dabbles in all sorts of creative projects on the side.


  1. Awesome tip!! I’m going to make these tonight with the powdered version of Arbonne’s Protein and add in a scoop of the fiber too! Thank you!!


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