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Let me start off by saying that Steph and I did not plan on having BOTH of our children SO close together!  Steph had her daughter Nora just six weeks before my daughter Reagan was born… and now I am going to be leading the charge, just twoish weeks ahead of Steph with round #2.

However, there have been some WONDERFUL gifts that have come with going through these little life blessings with such a great friend.  First, just having someone to talk to about sleeping, scheduling (or not scheduling), feeding, sleeping, baby gear, car seats and did I mention sleeping?  Well, it’s been a blast!

Now, preparing for baby #2 at the same time has been just as fun!  So, when we had the opportunity to have some family photos taken AND get some great belly shots, we could NOT have been more thrilled!

Brianna Anderson is a Scottsdale Photographer with a real talent for capturing mamas, babies and families in a way that captures the romance and beauty of these precious gift of new life.  We had so much fun with Bri and our families taking these photos… right here in Scottsdale… even though it looks like a magical forest.  See for yourself how much fun we had:

Here are me and Steph laughing our heads off:

Here’s Steph and her hubby Alan and their cutie patootie daughter Nora (20 months old already!):

Here I am with my hottie hubby Kevin and our daughter Reagan (19 months old):

Here’s Steph and her baby girl belly.  So charming:

Here I am with my baby boy belly:

BONUS POINTS: The first Four SMB readers who book a Maternity or Baby session with Brianna Anderson Photography and use the password: ‘Scottsdale Moms Blog’ will receive 50% off the CD of digital images ($100 savings!), and one free 8×10!

In case you want Bri to take your families photos, after seeing how AMAZING she is, check her out at

And, if you are dieing to see all the photos Bri shot, you can check out the slideshow of our photoshoot.


  1. Just found your blog and love it! Your pictures are gorgeous and the two of your are beautiful as well! I love the look of the area where you took your maternity portraits. Where was that located?

  2. Beautiful photos! Wondering the same as Ashley – where in Scottsdale was this? It looks like where my sister lives out of state!


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