The Big Shoe Dilemma (In Pregnancy)


I’ll be honest – I like shoes.  My hubby would say that I love shoes – but he doesn’t know women like I know women.  I have friends who clearly “love” shoes and would spend all of their extra cash on a pair of Jimmy Choo hot pink leopard print pumps – I’m not one of them.  So by saying that I like shoes I mean that I like cute, stylish and inexpensive shoes.

Now that I’m 22 weeks pregnant with our 2nd little girl (I only throw that in b/c I grew just a bit faster this time around ;)) I just last week had my make-or-break heel wearing day.  Yes, I know!  I couldn’t believe it either.

This is what transpired.

As I was getting ready for work I immediately pulled out these…

Cute – check.  Stylish – check. Inexpensive – check.  What can I say?  I like shoes.

But then my mom brain kicked in.  Do I REALLY want to wear these while chasing after our 18 month old, wildly rambunctious little girl?  What am I thinking?!  There is no way I can carry the diaper bag, my work bag, my 25 lb child AND my quickly growing belly while wearing these.  Not to mention the groceries I need to pick up on my way home. Am I crazy?!

So I pulled out the more practical BUT still somewhat cute option…

Some of you might think that this was a good move.  Welp – the story isn’t over yet.  🙂

As I was heading out the door in my cute (and practical) gold flats I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t.  I just thought to myself – “I’m not THAT big yet.”  It was not my time to give in.  Because in all actuality my diaper bag is only going to get heavier, my work bag filled with more work stuff, my 18 month old will just get heavier AND my belly is sure to get larger with each passing day – so off I went with my cute, stylish and impractical shoes for the day – and boy am I glad I did.

Now I’m not promising heels every day – that would be a little too crazy for this mama.  BUT I am committed to wearing heels as often as possible for as long as possible throughout my mommy-journey.  Why not?

Who knows… you may just see me in these one of these days?  🙂

Eh, probably not!


Steph is the Co-founder of Scottsdale Moms Blog and Social Media Director for Family Matters. She is mamma to Nora (July 2009) and wife of Alan.  She loves shopping for great deals, wearing funky jewery and spending loads of time with friends.  Steph gets a kick out of multitasking and loves nothing more than throwing a good party. You are always welcome to e-mail Steph at[email protected].


  1. Steph, I don’t blame you. Good choice with the shoes! 🙂 I also like kitten heels that can slide on and off. They still have a “teeny” heel, but otherwise can look and feel like flip-flops. And they make your legs look more toned without you having to spend more time at the gym. LOVE that! Good luck!

  2. ha! you are too cute! i need to follow your lead and get back to wearing stylish shoes… i’ve gone beyond even “cute practical” and find myself in sneakers or even {eeek} slippers most days. where do you buy most of your “cute, stylish, but inexpensive” shoes??? i need some major guidance here (hee hee).

  3. I just saw this post…I must say, I feel sexy when I wear heels, especially being pregnant! It’s not something I do for my hubby, but I like the way I feel when I wear heels!! I’m obsessed with shoes Steph!


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