Steph vs. Joy | First Trimester “Diet”


{Joy} As of this writing I’m almost 19 weeks preggo with this little cutie, so far things have been mostly the same as with Reagan.  From week 6 (exactly) to the first day of week 13, I was in a constant state of nausea.  Thankfully, I was able to keep everything down, but I really didn’t want to eat ANYTHING.

I usually eat tons of salad and chicken, fresh fruits and veggies and stay away from processed carbs (all breads, beans, processed anything)… unfortunately the smell of cooked broccoli and cauliflower made me wonder why anyone eats veggies – ever.  I started off loving bean burritos, thinking I could eat only burritos for the rest of my life (which, if you know how much I dislike Mexican cuisine, this SHOULD SHOCK you!).  The burrito thing lasted a week…

So, I moved to baked potatoes with sour cream, butter and cheese and fried chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s or Chic-Fil-A (with cold cereal to start my morning off right).  Yum. (Well, it was yummy then, I’m starting to move closer to healthier choices, but with the holidays, I may have taken some liberties.)

I feel as though I should apologize to my little peanut, however, it was potatoes or nothing…

{Steph} Oh the first Trimester “Diet.”  If you could call it that 🙂  Ya’ll know what we mean though.

I’m just a little over 16 weeks and like Joy, it seems like this pregnancy has been very similar to my pregnancy with Nora.  Pretty much from finding out we were pregnant to date I’ve LOVED so many things that I NEVER would think of eating when I’m not pregnant.  I’m not talking pickles people…. I’m talking Taco Bell Double Decker Tacos, KFC Mashed Potatoes & Gravy and Wetzel Pretzels just to name a few things.  I know my arteries are more clogged as a result of my “diet” choices but as all mama’s know – when you get something in your mind when you’re preggo you HAVE to have it, right?!

So just for kicks I MUST tell a Wetzel Pretzel story to illustrate my point…

Probably a month or so ago we were headed to Walmart to pick up something early in the morning.  On our way there I remembered that Wetzel Pretzel was in Walmart – YIPEE!!!  I was literally singing a Wetzel Pretzel song as we strolled into the store.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their little mini soft pretzels.  Yummmmmy.

Well the pretzel angels were not with me that day b/c WP doesn’t open until 10 am and it was 8:30 am!!! Ugh.

So I had a dilemma – do I waste an hour and half in Walmart literally walking up and down each aisle with Nora OR just set aside my craving and walk away like an adult?  Let’s just say I was strongly encouraged to forget about my desire for WP.

I couldn’t forget about it.  Come 12 pm or so after we returned home from running errands I was still thinking about WP – I just had to have some.  The problem was I didn’t want to get it myself. So I suggested to the hubster that while he’s running a few errands he could swing by to pick up my mini pretzel delights.  After about an hour of him being gone I was getting so excited about my WPs.  I was once again singing the Wetzel Pretzel song.

I’m sure you guessed it – the hubby came home empty-handed.  My strong suggestion was obviously not strong enough.  I was devastated (again).  So much so that he turned right around, drove to Walmart and went on a WP run.  I’m a lucky lady, right?!

And in case you wondered….the pretzels ARE that good.  AND maybe, just maybe if you’re real lucky I’ll sing you my Wetzel Pretzel song.

What were your First Trimester cravings?  Comment below.


  1. That is too funny. Congratulations to both of you. With my first daughter (2008) I have terrible nausea and the only thing that satisfied me was an ham and cheese omelette. haha. You would never think eggs would go over well with nausea but thats the only thing I could stomach. Thank goodness I was working at the time and the cafeteria there made delicious omelettes. haha. With my 2nd daughter who was just born at the end of September I have horrific nausea, I couldn’t hold down ANYTHING. It was the longest and worst few months of my life, I seriously thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it through it. The only thing that I was sometimes able to keep down was saltine crackers and 7up. Fun times but in the end its all worth it. Hope you ladies have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  2. Okay, so I saw your title and thought “great, I’m about to feel some major convictions!” 🙂 Thank you for being so honest… I instead felt validated and … well, in all honesty, like I need a Wetzel Pretzel and maybe some Chick-fil-a. TODAY!! 😉

    Loved the post! You girls are too cute!


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