Belly Diaries: 27 weeks | Fall Maternity Fashion Essentials


I’m now entering my THIRD TRIMESTER, the belly is really growing, and I can’t wait for the Scottsdale heat to break. God Bless all of you who have experienced the latter stages of pregnancy during August…I can’t even imagine. I’m really looking forward to cooler weather and the opportunity to dabble in some fall maternity fashion!

I think these are going to be my Top 5 Fall Essentials:

1. Skinny Jeans and “Jeggings”:

Whether you opt for an over-the-belly or an under-the-belly style, these are a critical look for dressing up or dressing down. There’s a huge range of options on the market to consider. My favorites so far are the Pea in the Pod Secret Fit Belly styles, Motherhood Maternity Under Belly Jeans, and Mossimo (Non-Maternity) “Jeggings” at Target.

2.  Boots:  

Boots, boots, boots! I LOVE boots. Though they have nothing specifically to do with dressing a belly, boots give a much needed confidence boost. So, step into some, you power mamas!

3. Layering:

This is a great solution for transitioning a summer wardrobe into fall. Without spending extra cash you can start with a base layer of those maternity tanks that kept you cool in August and layer non-maternity sweaters and jackets on top.

4. Scarves:

Cheap and trendy. Scarves are a great way to broaden your wardrobe. I’m anxious for the weather to get cool enough to pull out my box of scarves. Switch up a scarf, and now you have a whole new outfit! Also, chances are you already own a couple, so there’s no extra investment involved here. On the off chance you don’t have any, I think Target and H&M are great places to start…

5. Gym/Yoga Clothes:

Why?…COMFORT! I’m sure my gym gusto will steadily wane throughout this third trimester, but I’ll probably spend even more time in my gym clothes just because they’re comfortable. You really can’t beat yoga pants, a sports bra, and a stretchy shirt. I’m sure the fashion police would kill me for doing this, but I think gym clothes go from slouchy to restaurant worthy with the simple addition of a jean jacket. Anyone agree?


One style I WON’T be trying…maternity unitards! (American Apparel)

Do you have any favorites to add? I’m looking for more inspiration and input from you Super Mamas…

Wait, before I go…a belly update!





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