A Photoshoot


Let’s all put on your thinking caps and remember what YOU were doing this Tuesday when the sky’s turned wicked dark and the rainclouds rolled in?  Got it…the memory that is.

What was I doing?  Thanks for asking .. 😉

Joy and I were northbound (Pinnacle Peak Patio kind-of north that is) with babies in tow on our way to meet the wonderful Session Nine Photography clan (Jason, Jessica and Cruz).  You probably remember Jessica was at our Moms Night Out snapping away.  She was the uber cute 8 month pregnant momma, with the Epiphanie bag (yes – I’m a little envious of the bag) and the Canon. 🙂  We posted some of of her pics from Moms Night Out here.

Anyway – we spent an hour or so with these guys – in the rain – shooting SMB pics.  How fun is that??!!! You can read Jessica’s thoughts about the shoot here.

Consider this your sneak peak…

…More to come…



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